Survivor: Cool story, bruh

Well, well, well – that episode of Survivor worked out better than I expected. There’s lots to talk about and I don’t want to spoil anything, so click through only if you’ve seen the latest episode.

The Hunahpu Tribe at the Reward Challenge.

The Hunahpu Tribe at the Reward Challenge.

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The Good Wife: “That’s a lot of skeletons.”

The last time I wrote about The Good Wife, I said I didn’t want Alicia to run for State’s Attorney. And I’m still not so sure that I do. But I can’t deny that this week’s episode, “Oppo Research”, was fantastic.

Basically the entire episode had Alicia, Eli, and her potential campaign manager, sitting at a table uncovering the skeletons (real and perceived) in Alicia’s closets. It showed the cracks in “Saint Alicia” in more than one way, and it was perfectly executed.

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Survivor – Third Time’s The Charm

If you missed it over the weekend, I blogged about the first two episodes of Survivor. I’m all caught up after returning from Italy, and have Kelley in my mom’s office pool. She has said seven words so far.

My mom has Baylor in the pool, and thus has had two close calls in three episodes. Yikes! But she escaped by the skin of her teeth again, and instead…

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The Good Wife: Season Six

the good wife

Over the summer, I caught up on all five past seasons of The Good Wife. It’s a show that I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time, and once it came to Netflix it was easy to get into it.

At first, I was put off by the idea of watching a law procedural. But The Good Wife is so much more than that, and by season two I was completely hooked. Still, as I binge-watched the show, I wondered how long they’d be able to pull this off for.

Season six has premiered, and the first two episodes were outstanding. How often can you say that about a long-running drama? Over the course of the entire show, there’s only been one storyline that I didn’t like. (Kalinda and her ex-husband, which I’ve read was a pretty polarizing storyline.)

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Survivor: Episodes One and Two

I’m back from vacation! And my DVR is packed with TV to catch up on. I began with Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, a.k.a. Survivor: Blood vs. Water Again. Don’t take that the wrong way – I like the blood vs. water theme, and am glad to see it back with all new cast members. I’m extra-pleased that the producers ditched Redemption Island in favor of Exile Island. I assume it’s because they read my blog?

I was out of the country for the season premiere, which meant I had to go into my mom’s office Survivor pool blind. I made my list, which was a little bit different than it might have been had I seen the first episode. Still, I made out OK – I got my top pick of Kelley. My mom, who has yet to win the pool she created, has Baylor. So she’s already had a close call in episode two!

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Ciao! I’m going on vacation.

Hey, Couchtime readers! After taking the summer off, I’ll be extending my blogging hiatus for a few more weeks while I go on my honeymoon in Italy.

This summer, I mainlined the entire series of The Good Wife and caught up on the first season of Brooklyn 99 – both shows I’m glad I watch now. The first season of The Good Wife was a bit too procedural for me, but by the second season I was fully onboard. I love the recurring guest stars, and the fact that there are larger story arcs on top of the cases-of-the-week. Brooklyn 99 is as funny as I’d heard, and I was totally onboard by the Thanksgiving episode. I’m glad I watch it, since I was so disappointed by New Girl last season and don’t have high hopes for where the show will go this year.

The show I’m most excited to have back is The Mindy Project. It really ended on a strong note last season, and based on sneak peeks that Mindy Kaling’s been sharing, it’s going to be another great season. And of course, the final season of Parenthood. I expect to feel all the feelings.

As far as new shows go, the only one that’s caught my eye so far is Marry Me – from the great folks who brought us Happy Endings.

See you in October!

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My Big Day Downtown at Inkwell Boutique

Hi everyone! I’m taking a break from my summer blogging hiatus for something fun – the fifth annual Downtown Halifax Big Day Downtown.

I’ve been very lucky to get to participate in this event every year. The Downtown Halifax Business Commission has a party and gives 30 local bloggers some gift cards to go out and explore out downtown area. It’s such a great opportunity for me to visit some of my favorite local businesses, try new ones, and to write about them.

This year, we were each given $150 and a twist – ask your social media following where you should go on your Big Day Downtown. So ask I did, and I got some great responses.


Suggestions included Neptune Theatre, Biscuit General Store, Foregin Affair, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, The Freak Lunchbox, Take It Outside, the Art Gallery shop, and more. With so many good suggestions, how could I possibly choose? (Actually, I kind of didn’t – while I didn’t use my Big Day Downtown gift cards for this, a coworker and I did swing by Neptune Theatre later that day to pick up tickets for Into The Woods at Neptune Theatre.) Still, one tweet conquered all.


I LOVE Inkwell Boutique. Love it. It’s the first place I go any time I need a birthday, bridal shower, anniversary – anything card or gift. And because I so often am shopping there for other people, I rarely buy anything for myself. It takes an immense amount of restraint. Every time I enter this beautiful little shop, I think “I could easily drop a few hundred dollars in here.”

IMG_8849Inkwell Boutique is on Market Street in Halifax, and sells beautiful cards, letterpress prints, and handmade items. I can actually see this store from my office window, and I love popping in at lunch just to see what’s new. So on Thursday at lunch, a few of my coworkers and I walked up the hill to Inkwell, ready for me to pick out $150 worth of items.

IMG_8841Needless to say, I was pretty excited.

I picked up a few items right away, but spent a long time in the store browsing, considering my options. I mean, how often do you get to drop $150 in your favorite store with no guilt? I couldn’t screw this up.

In the end, I was very pleased with my purchases.

IMG_8850Here’s what I got:

The first things I looked at were prints by local Halifax artist Emma Fitzgerald. I’ve purchased her work as gifts for friends before, but hadn’t yet picked out anything for myself. These had to be mine.

IMG_8855IMG_8856IMG_8857I can’t wait to frame these and get them on my walls.

I also picked out this beautiful piece. I love the colors, and the message.

IMG_8854Inkwell has a beautiful selection of adorable tea towels, so I selected two.

IMG_8858They’re just so pretty! I love the little cat in the window of the red house.

I picked up this cute drinking jar for my desk at work.

IMG_8853(In the background, you can see just a glimpse of what is a wide selection of tea from World Tea House on Argyle Street – another one of my favorite local businesses!)

And finally, I picked up this adorable bottle opener. It will be great in the kitchen or, possibly one day, a backyard.

IMG_8860Well guys, that was my haul! $150 well spent. If you haven’t been to Inkwell Boutique, you really should check it out. And, follow the #BigDayDowntown hashtag on Twitter so that you can boss around the other bloggers and tell them where to go!

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