I’m mad at you, CBS

CBS, you’re on notice! I need to get a board like Stephen Colbert has, to start ranking my gripes with people. It will include people who talk so loudly on the bus that I can’t hear my own iPod, people who think that leggings count as pants (FYI, teens of Halifax: Leggings are NOT pants!), the guy who does financial planning commercials on the local radio station, Nicholas Cage, and now CBS.

CBS, home to many of my favorite shows, has pissed me off with their new fall schedule. Survivor is on Wednesday! The Big Bang Theory is on Thursday! But How I Met Your Mother is still on Monday! What the hell?!?

They have made a mess of my fall TV schedule, which I plan on creating an Excel spreadsheet for (Yes, I’m a huge nerd, tell me something I don’t know…) and I am not happy.

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