Entourage: Lose Yourself, Lose Your Viewers

Is it just me, or was the final episode of Entourage kinda lame?

All that build up, and the great big crisis in Vinnie Chase’s life was that he got punched in the face by Eminem? Who hasn’t been punched in the face by Eminem? Dude got into a fight with a puppet dog once! Tell me when Vince gets clocked by Betty White, then I’ll know he has a problem.

OK, it wasn’t just the fight. Let’s start at the beginning.

In the last episode everyone found a huge bag of coke in Vince’s freezer, and they decided to confront him about it. Drama (who was the best part of this episode) orchestrated an A&E style intervention with E, Turtle, Billy, Ari and Scott all there. (Where was Lloyd?) Vince denied having a problem, and the guys did not do a great job of vocalizing the seriousness of Vince’s issue. Vince stormed out and crashed Sasha’s porno cover shoot, where he acted like an ass and destroyed their relationship.

Meanwhile, some interesting and not-so interesting things were going on in the sub-plots. I still hate the tequila storyline, and it didn’t get wrapped up in the finale. What did we learn? That all the big stars Turtle’s ever met kind of think he’s a douche? No big surprise there. That he has zero business acumen? Again, no surprise. This season has definitely made Turtle less likable. They should have kept Jamie Lee around.

E finally got a good storyline that doesn’t revolve around Vince. Only a short time after he told Scott he wasn’t on board with a planned coup at the agency, his former boss and future father-in-law belittled him, called him a lazy moocher and asked him to sign a pre-nup. Ouch. Looks like E will be on board to take down boss-man Murray after all, and his relationship with Sloan just got a little more interesting.

Then there was Ari. Sorry, but Mrs. Ari leaving him could be seen a mile away. You could feel the build up, and as soon as it was revealed that Ari was going ahead with his plans for a big fancy surprise party, I knew it would happen. (FYI, if anyone ever wants to win back my heart getting Christina Aguilera to perform live at my house is a pretty solid way to do it.) Here’s a question – had we seen Mrs. Ari’s sister before? She seemed like she had a lot of pent-up resentment toward Ari.

In the end, Vince ended up snorting away his anger in a hotel after ugly confrontations with both Sasha and his friends. He crashed Eminem’s party, treated Minka Kelly like crap and got himself kicked out. Then to top it all off, he had to go and insult Eminem just as Drama had tracked him down and was trying to get Vince out of there. You’ve got to love Drama, though, who had his brother’s back once he realized there was no subtle exit to be made. So Drama and Vince ended up in the hospital with injuries that would screw up Vince’s movie. Oh, and there was that other little pesky problem – the cops found cocaine in Vince’s possession.

Getting busted for cocaine was, finally, something. The scandal that we’ve been building up to. There are certainly a lot of great storylines for next season – Drama’s cartoon, Vince “Lindsay Lohan” Chase’s potentially destroyed career, E’s impending nuptials and office overtake, Ari’s failing marriage – but it didn’t feel like a whole lot went down in this particular episode. With one season left before the big Entourage movie, I’m left wondering – how will they clean this mess up? They’re surely not going to let Vinnie Chase go out a washed up drug addict, so how will they orchestrate a second comeback?

What did you think of the finale? Do you think we’ve seen the last of Sasha Grey? Any predictions for next season? Sound off below!

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