Glee: You Know You Love Fashion

Armwarmers were all the rage on Glee this week

It’s Shameless Self-Promotion time! As you know, I love Glee. As you might not know, I also love fashion. Seriously, just ask the guy who delivers my mail. He’s tired of having to leave boxes of shoes and clothes next door with my grandmother because I’m always at work when he brings them. (But for reals, mailman? How am I supposed to afford said shoes and clothes if I don’t go to a job every day?)

Anyway, that’s off topic. Glee features some seriously awesome duds, from walking Anthrolpologie ad of Emma Pillsbury to the delightfully quirky stylings of Brittany S. Pierce. So I was thrilled when the editor of You Know You Love Fashion asked me to write a few posts on Glee this season.

The site used to cover the fashions of Gossip Girl (a show I don’t watch, but I do love to drool over and/or mock the wardrobe) but has now expanded to cover other fashionable shows like Glee, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. So check out the whole site, but most importantly, check out my post on Glee‘s episode Comeback.

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