DVD Flashback Friday: Get ready!

In just a few short weeks, our favorite television shows will have wrapped up and summer will be upon us. Bittersweet, I know. As much as I love TV, I also love sunshine, sidewalk/rooftop patios, and various outdoor activities that, in Canada, can only be enjoyed during the brief months of summer. (Think frisbee, shopping and reading, not soccer, kayaking or *shudder* camping.)

But summer also means a severe lack of quality programming – especially this summer, since pesky contract negotiations have delayed the new season of Mad Men. That means I’ll be relying pretty heavily on DVDs this summer, which means lots of fun DVD Flashback Friday posts!

I’ll be reviewing The Mary Tyler Moore Show because it’s a classic that I haven’t covered yet, as well as Nurse Jackie and Party Down, two shows I recently got into but haven’t written about yet. But I’ll need more, lots more. Here are some shows I’m considering:

  • The Walking Dead
  • Breaking Bad
  • Greek
  • Band of Brothers (Sidenote: This was on my list for last summer, it didn’t happen, we’ll see)
  • Raising Hope
  • The Good Wife
  • United States of Tara

What do you guys think? Anything I should add? Now of course, these are just goals. As I learned last summer, I might not complete the list. But should any of these shows be a priority over the others? (The list is in no particular order.)

I may also add some new shows to the roster. I’ve heard The Killing and Shameless are good, and I’m intrigued by Game of Thrones. On the reality TV side I’ll be watching The Voice when it starts up, but I’ll be skipping America’s Got Talent (what a mistake it was to watch that last summer). Got any other suggestions?

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10 Responses to DVD Flashback Friday: Get ready!

  1. Remy Lane says:

    You already know of my undying love for Greek and Raising Hope. Even now, I still feel a pain in my heart for the lack of Greek…that show was always priority TV for me, and I've rewatched it way, way too many times. It's just plain hilarious with great pop culture references and great, fully fleshed out characters. Can't say enough good things about it. Same for Raising Hope. RH is an easy show to get through – since it's a half-hour show and only one season, you could easily burn through it in a day. Another show to maybe consider is Jack & Bobby. Slightly older show, only one season, but very good. You have several actors in it from Mad Men (including John Slattery and Jessica Pare as a father-daughter pair, and Matt Long), and it's just a plain brilliant show. It would at least help with the Mad Men-less summer!

  2. Skeiron says:

    Of course you'll be skipping America's Got Talent, last season was atrocious (I liked the hip hop violinist, though). To be honest, the only version of the 'Got Talent' franchise that is worth watching is Britain's got Talent. From editing to judges and contestants, it is the best reality talent show out there. ;)Now, suggestions: Ghost Whisperer, Ghost Whisperer, Ghost Whisperer. Ghost Whispereeeeeeeeeeeeeer. I have no idea if you like dramas with a supernatural twist, but I've enjoyed this show very, very much. Alternately, you can watch LOST, since it is your 'biggest regret'. Or something like that. :PIf all else fails, though, you can always watch earlier seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race. :)

  3. randi says:

    Dead Like Me! It was only 2 seasons and it was awesome!

  4. Sam says:

    You should definitely watch United States of Tara. I loved the first two seasons, and the third has been amazing so far. And it'll be really easy to get through, because the episodes are only half an hour each and each season is 12 episodes.

  5. Brent Taylor says:

    Dead Like Me would be great! There is also a movie after you work through those two seasons.For years I kept hearing how CSI was a top show, but never watched. Then two summers ago did the DVD catch-up as well as catching the better CSI NY.And the best show we watch on TV really is NCIS. A lot of initials and sound similar — NOT.Last, am looking to see when A&E brings back The Glades for season 2 (summer?). All these shows mentioned have weekly plots and such — but it is the characters and character arcs that are so compelling.

  6. Anonymous says:

    raising hope girl best new comedy of the 2010-2011 fall season, you NEED to see it.Also united states of tara is kind of rocky show…the 1st season is good but the second is a train wreck however the third one the one that is now airing on showtime is brilliant so check that shown.

  7. Jill Mader says:

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys!Good point about Lost. I wonder if it's on Netflix Canada? I'm going to check.

  8. Dana Meijler says:

    I fell asleep through the first episode of Breaking Bad although I will try again as a lot of people whose taste I trust love it, although it seems to me like a sort of repeat of Weeds which I loved in its first few seasons but now is off the grid entirely. I watched the first season of The Good Wife and I love Julianne Margulies and Chris Noth and there is nothing wrong at all with the show, it is a decent legal drama but I don't find that it brings anything unique or original to the table.Band of Brothers is excellent but it took me a very long time to watch, well worth it but it is something you have to be in the mood for. I can't recommend Nurse Jackie enough, love it. And speaking of Edie Falco have you never watched the Sopranos. TV at it's finest. Greek and The Walking Dead are on my list for the summer as is Criminal Minds and TNT. If you like edgier stuff I would highly recommend The Shield. It's a rollercoaster ride.

  9. Peter Chan says:

    Hey Jill,I highly suggest you check out the new comedy 'Happy Endings'. I think since you like 'Cougar Town' and I think 'Friends', it's a great match. I'm currently loving it..

  10. Jill Mader says:

    I actually haven't seen the Sopranos…a major pop culture blind spot that I will someday rectify. I was too young when it came out, and now it just seems daunting to watch.I'm all up to date on Nurse Jackie, though, and love it. It'll be one of the first things I review.

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