Game of Thrones: Heads Will Roll

I literally screamed at the television last night when Game of Thrones cut to black. Considering I didn’t truly feel interested in this series until about six episodes in, I’ve become rather invested in what’s happening. When the guards beheaded Ned Stark, I would have given anything to go right into the final episode. What’s going to happen now? Why is there only one episode left in the season? Will I feel any sense of conclusion when it’s over?

Probably not. People are at war, and that war is going to go on for a while. So my next question is, will I tire of it? I hope not, but I also hope this doesn’t turn into season after season of fighting and negotiating, with no sense of progress.

OK now, to check in with my favorite characters.

We got another glimpse at my girl Arya this week, as she appeared just in time to see her father confess to treason. Was Ned always going to confess, or did he do that in an attempt to save Arya from having to witness his death? In any case, it didn’t work – that slimy weasel Joffrey went against the agreement and ordered Ned’s execution anyway, not even having the guts to carry it out himself. Low.

What was most frustrating was that Ned didn’t take the opportunity to publicly call Joffrey’s bloodline into question.

We also watched Jon struggle with his commitment to his family versus his commitment to the Nights Watch, and we saw Catelyn bargain away two of her children (well, Robb accepted the agreement but Arya was most certainly bartered away) to a really creepy dude with gross children. Meanwhile, it looks like Khal is on death’s door and Khaleesi doesn’t have the respect of his people without him.

I’ve read enough spoilers (I can’t help it – I go to Wikipedia to understand the characters better and just keep reading…) to have some sense of what will happen in the finale, but it seems like there’s a lot of ground to cover. Not only am I excited to see what will happen, I’m incredibly intrigued about where the series will go in the second season.

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4 Responses to Game of Thrones: Heads Will Roll

  1. Jose says:

    It has been interesting to see how your reaction to the show changes with each review, going from somewhat interested to fully hooked (as far as I can tell). There will be some sense of conclusion after next weeks episode the same way finishing a chapter in a good book would. Don't be too concerned about the story becoming a stagnant stalemate between the Starks and Lannisters, either. More players enter the game, keeping things just as unpredictable as they were at the start. P.S. I am afraid that expressing emotional connotations through text is above my meager artistic abilities. P.P.S. If you enjoy reading about the it, I hear there was a good novelization of the show written by some guy in New Mexico. ;)

  2. Jill Mader says:

    Definitely, there was a progression of that. I'm 100% invested now, and will continue to mooch off other people's HBO so I don't have to wait to download the episodes!I've debated reading the books, but I'm not sure I'm committed enough. I love to read, but I don't know if I want to take the time to read all those books when I've been watching the same story play out on screen. I might, though.

  3. Jose says:

    The real question you need to ask is if you want to have spoilers for future seasons of the show. The first season has only covered one of the soon to be five published books. It is really about personal preference on whether you want to know the story before it airs so I won't recommend one way or the other. As far as going back to read what has already aired, I would say go for it. HBO has done a commendable job of both staying faithful to the plot and telling the story well, but there is only so much they could fit into 10 hours. Big chunks of the story were left out in some locations, and many characters were not presented with as much depth as they could have been.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ya could always read it at the end – after the series is over. There is a lot trimmed out…

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