DVD Flashback Friday: Raising Hope

I have a confession to make. I totally flaked out with DVD Flashback Friday this summer.

Are you ready for my excuses? I moved, it took forever to get my phone/Internet/TV hooked up, Bachelor Pad took all my writing energy, my dog ate my laptop…yeah, I don’t really know guys. Sorry.

BUT I did actually watch one of the shows I said I was going to catch up on: Raising Hope! And good news: I loved it.

Raising Hope (about to start its second season on Fox) is a warm, kooky sitcom about a 23 year-old guy who unexpectedly becomes a single dad and has to raise his newborn daughter with the help of his wacky family.

The show gets off to a very kooky start – Jimmy Chance has a one night stand with a girl, only to discover that she’s actually a serial killer. She winds up pregnant, in jail, and is executed when the baby (named Princess Beyonce by her mother, renamed Hope by Jimmy and his family) is six months old.

Lucas Neff is fantastic as the lovable but dopey Jimmy. Martha Plimpton is very funny as his mom Virginia, and Garret Dillahunt does a great job as Jimmy’s even dopier, but still lovable, dad. The Chance family are kind of white trash, but you never really feel like the show is mocking them. Cloris Leachman adds a lot of laughs as Jimmy’s senile grandmother, and Shannon Woodward is very charming as Jimmy’s crush, coworker and friend Sabrina.

Now, can we talk about Hope for a minute? She is one of the most adorable babies on TV. Just look:

She’s even cute with creepy makeup on:

At first, the show relied more on Hope for laughs – in particular, it relied on Jimmy’s lacking parenting skills for comedy. But as the show developed, it moved past that. By the end of season one, I hardly ever cringed at things Jimmy did with his baby. It became more about the characters, and there are a lot more reasons to laugh.

Raising Hope will return on Tuesday, September 20. Check out the trailer below.

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2 Responses to DVD Flashback Friday: Raising Hope

  1. Remy Lane says:

    Ok, I'll give you the moving and getting set-up, but not so sure I'll allow Bachelor Pad as a reasonable excuse… :P Glad to have you back for fall TV!Moving on, YAAAAAAAY! So glad you watched it AND enjoyed it!! I remember cringing so bad at the promos for the series last year, but I kept leaving it on after Glee and was surprised at how much I was laughing. By the 3rd episode, ("Dream Hoarders"), I had to admit, I was in love. That episode still feels pitch perfect to me. And the season finale!! <3 Ugh, I can't express my love for this show enough. It's definitely the one I've missed the most over this summer break. The characters just feel so real, and I love all the little details thrown into the episodes that take a few viewings to catch. Lucas Neff was a fantastic casting find – he gives so much dimension and heart to Jimmy that you really have genuine affection for him. AND HOPE IS THE CUTEST BABY ON TELEVISION DON'T ANYONE FREAKING ARGUE WITH ME IT'S FACT.

  2. Jill Mader says:

    That is a really strong episode – I'm so excited for season two now.

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