ANTM All-Stars: Virtual Reality

It’s time for ANTM All-Stars again, friends! And in case you didn’t know from having it shoved down your throat every other week, “branding” is the watchword this season. And what better way to extend the models’ “brands” than by getting them to create their own fragrances?

Smells like Mean Spirit

Yes, the girls were all asked to come up with fragrances based either loosely or literally (Hi, Kayla) on those stupid words they were assigned at the beginning of the season. Then they had to pose in bathtubs in swimsuits while pitching their fragrances to their “fans”. Bianca refused to do it, whining that Tyra Banks would never pose in a bathtub. 

The challenge winner was Lisa, and I had to admit she deserved it – based on what we saw, anyway, and the actual scents didn’t seem to matter much to the judges anyway. She had a great name in “Neon” and was having a lot of fun dancing with a bunch of people in her bathtub. I don’t like the girl, but she did a good job pitching her perfume.

The Model and the Motorcycle

The photoshoot was kind of lame this week – on the back of a motorcycle, the models had to try and embody either Snooki or Nene Leakes. Um, what? Why? Why would anyone aspire to be like either of those women? You had to feel for Alexandria, who was almost eliminated last week after being critiqued for looking like a reality star. Um, yeah.

Kayla and Alexandria both seemed to struggle in their shoots, and good girl Shannon struggled to embody party girl Snooki. Bianca went so far as to request some pickles for her photo shoot and as Mr. Jay said, “it was very phallic.” It was kind of a cute idea since Snookie loves pickles, but she should have known it wouldn’t work in execution.

The D List

Why did they save Kathy Griffin for panel? She should have been there all along! I’ve always thought she’s so funny. She did a cute bit where she pretended to be the new host, then Tyra came out, prizes, blah blah blah, let’s talk photos.

Lisa (above), Angelea (below)

Laura: Laura’s shot as Nene was really cute, and a different look for her.
Angelea: Also a good photo as Nene. Her face looked fantastic.
Dominique: I liked Dominique’s pose, and her face looked fierce.
Alexandria: This pose was all Alexandria did during her shoot, but it ended up delivering a good photo.
Lisa: Lisa is really unbelievable. She looks good in photos, but I always hate how she looks otherwise.
Kayla: Yawn.
Allison: I loved Allison’s shot! She channeled Snooki but still looked like herself and like a model.
Bianca: Oh, the pickle. It was a pretty good photo, but she got called out for being a grump at the challenge.
Shannon: Yawn again. Shannon is pretty, but so damn dull. And what was she wearing?

So which two girls deserved to go home? (Remember, no one was eliminated last week.) I thought Bianca would land in the bottom three because of her attitude at the challenge, and I thought Shannon and Kayla would join her since they had the weakest photos. Overall, I wasn’t pleased with the photos this week but that was the fault of the dumb theme, not the models.

Shannon (top), Bianca (middle), Kayla (bottom)

Lisa was called first, so that girl had a hell of a week. That’s OK though, I really don’t think she’ll win the whole thing. The girl peed in a diaper on TV, there’s just no coming back from that. Next was Angelea (my pick for best photo) followed by Laura, Alexandria, Allison and Dominique. The bottom three girls were, as predicted, Bianca, Kayla and Shannon. Of the three girls, I thought Kayla deserved the save. I find her boring, but I still think she has potential. Bianca’s had her chance as a model and I hate her attitude. And Shannon is bland and – truth bomb – too old for the business.

Tyra felt differently, though, and decided to keep good old (literally) Shannon around. Really? What do you guys think of that decision? I was really surprised. I definitely wouldn’t have predicted that Kayla would go home so early, or Bianca for that matter.

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2 Responses to ANTM All-Stars: Virtual Reality

  1. Krissy says:

    Haven't commented in awhile! But this episode made me rage a little bit, so I've got to let some of it out. ;) I apologise in advance if I sound like a giant sour puss, but I kind of hated everything about this episode. Though it did remind me just why I love-to-hate this show and that, at the end of the day, this is a reality show, not the search for an actual model. Typically, not a big fan of Bianaca. She has a very poor attitude. But girl had a point. The girls are made up to be gags on this show. I was so mad how panel shot her down for expressing this concern. I know it's silly to think for even a second they'd side with her (they're the judges, and their opinion is gospel… hello, sarcasm), but this entire episode was ridiculous from the tub thing to the posing like reality stars for the shoot. (Poor Alexandria.) Also, I had no idea who this Nene person was and they all went on like she was the second coming or something. How does portraying + knowing who these wannabes are in any way relate to being a model? Answer: It doesn't. Wasn't a big fan of the Kathy Griffin appearance. Again, seemed like a lame gag, and really, what knowledge did she bring to the table? Aside from a few chuckles, nada. Aside from the comment about being D-list. That's totally all that's being cultivated on this show.I was bummed Kayla and Bianca went home. Kayla's my favourite, but she's been floundering the entire time, so I suppose it was coming sooner or later. I was hoping it would be later though. But still, I think there were others who have gotten lucky and should have been gone ages ago (cough-Lisa-cough-Shannon). Now I'm rooting for Laura. The rest of them I'm not really invested in.I never have high expectations for this show or the talent that comes out of it, but with all this talk about being bigger, better, shinier, all-stars… Complete hooey. All that's coming out of this is a reality star looking for any extra 15 minutes of fame.Step off soap box, remove Negative Nancy hat, exit stage left.

  2. Jill Mader says:

    I'm glad you ranted! In hindsight, I think this was an even weaker episode than my review reflects. The photoshoot was dumb, as was the challenge. I feel like a girl like Allison, who strikes me as someone who could be a great model, isn't getting a chance to show what she can do because these gimmicks are so not her style. And having them sing next week? Why? They're there to model. I only know Nene from watching a few episodes of The Celebrity Apprentice. She was funny, but not someone a high fashion model would impersonate at all.

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