Ringer vs. Revenge: I Made The Wrong Decision

Choosing which shows to watch out of the crop of Fall TV selections is always difficult. Even as the season began, I talked about not wanting to miss out on something good vs. becoming invested in something only to see it cancelled a few weeks down the road.

So I made a few choices and had mixed results. I like Up All Night and New Girl, but I had to dump 2 Broke Girls. I’m on the fence about Once Upon A Time but am watching still, albeit on a DVR-for-later basis.

But one new show that I’m really close to abandoning is Ringer. I finally got around to watching last Tuesday’s episode late last night, almost a week after it aired. I watched it while I sorted laundry, washed dishes and puttered around my apartment. And it’s really too bad, because I wanted to like Ringer. I like Sarah Michelle Gellar. The premise was interesting enough. And it features Logan Echolls, for crying out loud – surely that should be enough to maintain my interest, right?

But no. The Logan Echolls storyline is going down the incredibly tired and predictable Hot For Teacher route as Juliet obnoxiously pursues her schoolgirl crush on him, and the rest of the series is just barely keeping me interested. It feels like every episode is a tease, and there’s rarely a payoff. After all this time, we still don’t know why Siobhan left the way she did. We don’t know anything, and I’m getting tired of waiting.

Meanwhile, basically everyone I follow on Twitter is obsessed with Revenge, a show I declined to watch. I suck! At the time, I thought “I’m really not a fan of campy nighttime soaps, and if I take any on it should really be the one starring SMG.” It was a valid argument – I hadn’t even planned to watch Ringer, these shows really aren’t my thing, and it’s always a good idea to go with a show starring someone you’re rooting for.

But seriously, everyone likes Revenge, and now I have to catch up on seven episodes if I’m going to get on board. That might not sound like a lot, but y’all know how many shows I already watch. Should I abandon Ringer? Should I try to make room in my schedule for two R-named nighttime soaps? Is it as good as everyone says? Tell me!

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9 Responses to Ringer vs. Revenge: I Made The Wrong Decision

  1. L-A says:

    I wasn't sure about Revenge, I really wasn't. But hot damn, I'm glad I got on board early on. I've since re-watched episodes and still enjoyed it. I'm actually a little envious that you get to start it from the beginning and have a small marathon. Do it. You need the Revenge (!!!) in your life. As for Ringer – I'm sticking it out. I don't watch quite as many shows as you, but I do have a seriously full roster and I'm willing to keep it on there for now (although, unlike you, I can put a lot off until the weekend when I have to). Ringer needs more action, more motives and way less Hot for Teacher. I was bored of that over a year ago. (But keep Logan. I love Logan Echolls and he needs to be on TV).

  2. Jill Mader says:

    I think part of the sacrifice that came with picking up a bunch of new shows this fall was that I can't do morning-after recaps for all of them. I'm thinking I'll stick with Ringer for now (oh, how I hate to dump shows) but will continue only checking on on it once in a while on the blog so I can let it pile up on my DVR. I've been doing the same with Once Upon a Time, and even with Boardwalk Empire which I used to do every week but have totally lost interest in. A bunch of shows will be on hiatus next week because of American Thanksgiving. Perhaps that will be my opportunity to watch Revenge. I better start downloading soon!

  3. Peter Chan says:

    I tried watching 'Revenge', I couldn't get into it as much as everyone apparently are. I agree, I'm about to dump '2 Broke Girls'- it's just too much. Especially living in the neighborhood where this show is set, everything is SO off. 'Once Upon A Time' is the kind of show I'm going to watch for one season (if that) and then stop because there's just no way the premise can last that long without it getting into 'ABC Family' feel territory… it kinda feels cheesy already.Anyway, you should totally give 'Happy Endings' a go. It's undoubtedly my favorite sitcom this season now that 'Modern Family' and especially 'Glee' are scaling back on quality.

  4. Chrissy says:

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  5. Chrissy says:

    ED for spelling: This year I decided to do a total overhaul of my TV schedule. Dumped oldies that weren't quite doing it for me anymore: House, Grey's and Desperate Housewives. Also finally decided 25 is a good age to quit the teenage dramas 90210 and Gossip Girl. I am major tv nitpicker and while watching Revenge all I can think is, "Woah this a great show". I tried Ringer for a few episodes and it just wasn't enjoyable to watch. Too many 'suspenseful' moments that were just plain predictable. Revenge has great characters, intelligent suspense and an interesting plot. I am interested in what you think about the show, hope thanksgiving gives you a chance to catch up.PS I also added Parenthood this year, per your blogs recommendation and I absolutely love it!

  6. Krista says:

    Totally echo L-A's comments. I was late to the party and binge-watched the first seven eps over a weekend – no regrets. Revenge!!! #AlwaysBeRevenging I have no comment on Ringer, though I'm glad SMG is getting work.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Revenge is great! Each time an episode ends, I'm already eagerly anticipating the next one. There aren't too many shows I can say that about. I would say it's well worth the investment to play catch-up.

  8. Jill Mader says:

    Oh, Happy Endings is another one on my list of shows to watch. So much good TV! But Revenge might have to take priority based on all these comments!

  9. Annabelle says:

    Just catching up on your blog, and throwing in my vote that REVENGE IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! EVERRRRRRRRRRRRSeriously. You won't miss Grown-Up Neutered Logan Echolls once you let Nolan Ross into your life. And? The guy who plays Emanda's Dead Dad is from Nova Scotia, so you kinda have to watch for provincial reasons.

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