How I Met Your Mother: We only got five minutes to save the party

I wanted to like last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. I should have liked it. Yet…I can’t say I really liked it.

Maybe it’s because I missed the first couple seconds of the episode (thanks for simulcasting, Canadian TV – ruining my life since 1986!) and I never understood why Marshall and Lily’s house was filled with bees. (Apparently Lily’s dad was breeding them in the basement. What? Why?) Or maybe because the five minutes HIMYM showed us over and over again, from various vantage points, never really seemed worth focusing on. It should have been wacky and fun, but instead it just felt tiresome.

Housewarming Hot Mess

As I said, the episode showed us five minutes from a few different perspectives. It was the five minutes it took for Lily and Marshall’s housewarming party to become an utter disaster, and we saw it play out three times – in the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

Marshall’s boss Mr. Cootes (played by Martin Short, who I find very funny in this role) was freaking out because someone had eaten all the vegan spring rolls. He thought it was Ted, but it was actually Barney. Ted wouldn’t back down from the argument because he was in the middle of a disagreement with Robin over the merits of being aggressive vs. a pushover.

Meanwhile, Lily dropped a giant wheel of gouda cheese on the floor and it was immediately covered in mice, which they have, Barney agreed to a hot hookup with their terrifying neighbor, and Marshall quit his job because Mr. Cootes demanded they leave the party to work.

Lily’s dad suggested Cootes take up a hobby like beekeeping, and next thing you knew he was donning the beekeeping suit…which was on fire, because – oh hell, if you saw the episode you know. And if you didn’t, reading about it won’t help you – it has to be watched. Frankly, I found the whole thing exhausting.

Mysteries Revealed

It was a little fun to watch things come together piece by piece, but I just didn’t care enough about any of the storylines to really want to know why things were happening. HIMYM usually knocks episodes like this out of the park, much more so than almost any other show (save for Community) can. But this one was a dud, and my theory is that it’s because nothing was accomplished. When the episode was over, we hadn’t learned any important or exciting information. Marshall still had his job, Ted and Robin were still Ted and Robin, Barney had made a bad decision. What else is new? It felt like the episode was written cleverly just for the sake of being clever, not as a cool way to introduce a plot development.

So what did you guys think of the episode? Were you hoping for more, or did the unraveling of little mysteries delight you?

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6 Responses to How I Met Your Mother: We only got five minutes to save the party

  1. randi says:

    Hated it. My husband and I watched it begrudgingly but I was really disappointed in the whole thing.

  2. Jill Mader says:

    I'm so glad you commented. I watched with my boyfriend, who doesn't ever watch HIMYM so he couldn't offer up an educated opinion. I was wondering if others would hate it like I did.

  3. randi says:

    We looked at each other almost immediately after Ted set the timer the first time and said "what is going on?"Also? What's with Robin's wardrobe?

  4. Jill Mader says:

    I feel like this type of episode can work when they're about to give us something cool – kind of like the ducky tie episode. But all this was was playing five minutes of nothing over and over again. Robin's wardrobe has been painfully dull ever since she got her smart job.

  5. Wayne says:

    This episode was a sucky snoozefest. As I was watching it I was wondering if them showing the same 5 minutes 3 times was a way to cut down on costs, since in doing so they showed several scenes multiple times for context as the episode dragged on.I've been pretty disappointed with HIMYM this season.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hated this episode too! It was so repetitive and I really didn't care about any of the storylines.

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