The Oscars: Fashion Favorites

If you missed it before, make sure you check out my choices for the worst dresses from last night’s Oscars red carpet. I wasn’t that impressed with what I saw on the red carpet last night, so it was hard to scrape together my favorite ten dresses of the evening.

10. Judy Greer: I love that Judy Greer, who has played every snarky BFF in every romcom in history, got to go to the Oscars. She was good in The Descendants and she wasn’t even being sarcastic in it. And even though the neckline bothers me a little, I think this dress was a win.

9. Sarah Hyland: I don’t know why Haley from Modern Family was at the Oscars, other than she dresses really well on the red carpet and she was funny making fun of how Lea Michele poses that one time on Fashion Police. But whatever – good for her! On TV I thought this dress was grey and I wad mad at her, but once I realized it’s lilac (or mauve, or violet, or, you know, purple) I quite liked it.

8. Stacy Keibler: Last night I was sure I didn’t like this dress, but when I saw it again in a photo I reconsidered my stance. I still don’t love the swooshing fabric around her hip, but she does look damn good. Stacy rocked this awards season so hard that perhaps George will consider extending her contract and keeping her around as arm candy for the next awards season as well.

7. Sandra Bullock: Not everyone on The Interwebs liked this gown, but I really love it. Yes, the top looks a tad baggy now that I see it in a photo. But I thought she looked divine on the red carpet.

6. Milla Jovovich: I don’t really know why she was there, but she looked stunning. Like an ice queen.

5. Octavia Spencer: I’m having trouble remembering what else Octavia has worn for her awards sweep this season, but I’m pretty sure this is the best she’s looked. If only she’d worn lipstick.

4. Natalie Portman: Polka dots! She wore polka dots to the Academy Awards! I love her for that.

3. Maya Rudolph: I’ve been moaning about how the women of comedy (coughKristenAmyTinacough) have been dressing poorly all season long, but when it mattered Maya came through. I thought she looked beautiful.

2. Penelope Cruz: I’m not usually a Penelope fan, because she often wears giant princess skirts on the red carpet and that’s not my thing. But this was just princessy enough without making me want to gag, and in a gorgeous color. Just stunning.

1. Emma Stone: This was a polarizing dress at the party I watched the Oscars at, but I loved it. LOVED IT. I know, some people did not like the bow at the neck. But I like it! The color is stunning, she looks so tall and statuesque, I love the flow of the skirt. I just think it was a major fashion win on a very stylish young star – and she absolutely nailed her gig as presenter later that night. Good job, Emma Stone!

Now it’s your turn! Who were your favorites?

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  1. Unknown says:

    Emma looked amaziiiing and she always does. I loved it too!!! and I agree – polka dots to the oscars? And an adorable dress at that she wins major props!

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