Southern Nights: Casting Update

We still don’t know a lot about CMT’s new show Southern Nights (like just how similar to Bachelor Pad it will be), but today the cast was revealed. The show will be set in Savannah, Georgia and premieres on April 7th – three days before my birthday, which obviously I assume was intentional. Thank you, CMT! Y’all are sweet.

Cassie Rupp 
Cassie was my favorite gal from Tribble’s season, and the fact that she’s involved in this show gives me faith that at least some of the cast will keep it classy.

Cody Harris 
I have to say, I don’t remember much of Season One’s Cody Harris – do you guys?

Collin Varallo
Collin was on Devin’s season and placed third, right? I remember liking him, but I can’t quite remember why.

Courtney Wilkerson
Another sweet, down-to-earth seeming girl from Tribble’s season. Surely she’ll end up with Cody or Collin, don’t you think? It seems meant to be – I can’t picture her with a city guy at all.

Devin Grissom
I really liked how sweet and smart Devin came across on the original installment of SWA, so even though I don’t know what to expect from Southern Nights I’m glad to see she’s part of the cast.

“Jersey” Jeff Miranda 
Really? Really, CMT? I’m pretty sure I couldn’t stand this dude. Didn’t he cry? A lot? 

Kristina Kraus
I find Kristina with a K – OClicious delightful, so I’m pleased with this casting choice. 

Landon “Tex” Chase
Landon was the one cast member I knew about (his silhouette is quite recognizable), so no surprise here. Landon fell hard and fast for Paige this season, do you think it’ll happen again?

Michael “Flex” Dean 
The guy with the softcore porn history! Wow, what a classy addition.

Tristan Smith
 I have to say, I’m kind of bummed that Tribble and Tristan split up already. (At least, that’s what a quick Google search suggests – I didn’t see anything that confirmed it for sure.)

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6 Responses to Southern Nights: Casting Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jill! Love your recaps for SHA and other shows. Will you be doing a recap for this show as well? I'm still not sure what I think about it lol.

    Tristan and Tribble were never really a couple. I'm pretty sure they broke up shortly after filming. It's also been known that Tristan is/was dating her best friend Cody (season 1) after Tribble and her broke up. I think it's safe to assume we will see Tristan and Cody's relationship in Southern Nights.

    It will be interesting to see Collin and Devin though. I'm pretty sure the producers would push for the duo to couple up. I get a feeling they'll play up the awkwardness when they “first time” seeing each other again since filming season 1.

    haha I love Kristina with a K. Nobody can rain on her parade!

    Cassie and Courtney seem really sweet as well. I really don't see them “hooking up” with any of those other guys (I'm assuming Tristan&Cody and Devin&Collin with be items.

    And finally, I guess all reality shows need to bring the drama for ratings. This is where Flex, Landon, and Jersey step in. Barf.

  2. Jill Mader says:

    Thanks! Yes I will! I'm not sure what to think either, but if it's good I'll like it and if it's bad I'll like to make fun of it!

    Interesting news about Tristan and Cody. I remember reading that they were friends and he's the one who told her to apply for the show.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really? Landon couldn't wait to get back to his daughter when he left SHA, and now he is becoming a professional reality show “star”. Since his only talent is making everything about him, they will have to rename this show midseason.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tribble and Tristan did not break up until after the finale In my opinion Tribble got cold feet.. Tristan may have started her best friend Cody after that but I think of them as only best friends.

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