Sweet Home Alabama: Friends With Benefits

Hey guys? Here’s something you should always want to do when dating a girl. IMPRESS HER FRIENDS. Y’all know I’ve been a Jeremiah fan pretty much since this season of Sweet Home Alabama began, but during Friday night’s episode he kind of lost me. Click through to read my review of the penultimate episode, in which the guys met Paige’s friends and she went from four boyfriends to two.

Boyfriends, Meet The Girlfriends

After sending Landon home last week (though he won’t be absent from our TV screens for long), Paige brought in her two best gal pals to meet the final four guys and give their thoughts. Brynn  and Monica took the guys out to a local bar to hang out.

Any guy with half a brain should have known a few things about that situation. 1) Don’t get drunk. 2) Stay focused – make sure Paige’s pals know why you like Paige, and ask them questions about Paige to show you’re interested. 3) Get on their good sides!

The girls spent a bunch of time with all four guys, and then took them aside one by one for some more serious conversations. And Bubba, Little Shaun and Big Shaun all did great – although from the amount of “Awwww”s and “He’s adorable!” comments they made, it was pretty clear Little Shaun was more like a new puppy to them than a long-term boyfriend for Paige.

And then there was Jeremiah. Yikes. Look, I know some of you guys are going to get super passionate and tell me that Jeremiah got a bad edit here, but…seriously? You can’t fake that. First of all, he was drunk. They were all drunk, but it was worse with Jeremiah. He could barely have a conversation with Brynn and Monica. Second of all, he made ZERO effort, which is what really bothered me.

Jeremiah knew Paige’s friends didn’t really like him too, but he was either incredibly defensive about it (which is childish) or he legitimately didn’t care. I mean, saying how you’re not trying to date them? We know that, Jeremiah. But Paige wouldn’t have invited her friends to come down to Alabama to meet the guys if she didn’t value their opinions. Girls want their friends to like their guy! And if I guy can’t put in a little effort to be nice to his girlfriend’s friends and help them get to know him, then that’s a red flag. It was a very disappointing display.

I will say, I thought Paige’s friends were overreacting when they started to question Jeremiah’s reasons for doing the show. I think for viewers, it’s been pretty clear all along that he is not cut out for this kind of show. He can’t handle it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And the fact that his sister convinced him to do the show even though he wasn’t really into it? I don’t think that’s a bad thing. A guy who was only there to pursue fame and a music career would have jumped at the chance to be on TV. So I think Paige’s friends got the wrong impression there, but unfortunately it was Jeremiah’s fault. They asked him why he did the show twice, and he barely answered. He did such a lousy job of letting them get to know him that it’s no surprise they questioned his integrity.

Girl Talk

The next day, Paige met up with Brynn and Monica to get their impressions of the guys. They told her they liked them, but obviously they didn’t have a glowing review for Jeremiah. He’d been nice at the beginning of the evening, but by the end of the night he was rubbing them the wrong way. Obviously, Paige is still really smitten with Jeremiah because she was crushed to hear that her friends didn’t like him. And as the episode went on, it became pretty clear that Paige wants to choose Jeremiah but still questions if he’s good for her. And really, can you blame her?

Four Dates

Before elimination, Paige had mini-dates with each of the remaining guys. First up? Little Shaun. Poor Little Shaun. I like the kid, but he just didn’t stand a chance at this point. He’s very cute and sweet and funny, but so young. Can someone please introduce him to Courtney from last season? She always struck me as very young, maybe they’d get along.

Next Paige met with Jeremiah, and their conversation was emotional and tense. I don’t question Jeremiah’s feelings at all for Paige. He obviously really, really cares about her. If they hadn’t met in the context of the show, I’d like to think that he’d have a much easier time opening up to her. But damn, getting that guy to talk about his feelings is like pulling teeth. Jeremiah did an OK job of letting Paige know how he feels about her, but she obviously still has questions. I feel like I just want to Cyrano de Bergerac the situation and feed Jeremiah lines while he talks to Paige.

“I’m falling in love with you, and it’s killing me to know that there are still three other guys here. It would break my heart if you chose one of them instead of me, because I can really picture sharing my life with you. You’re all I think about and if I ever seem distant it’s just because I have a really hard time thinking about you being with someone else.”

THAT’S what he should have told her. Quick, can someone hook me and Jeremiah up with a mic and earpiece?

Contrast that chat to Paige’s conversation with Bubba, who told her he’d clean out his closet for her. A closet?! That’s like the holy grail for women. You know a guy is committed and generous and wonderful when he offers you closet space. He said he’d keep his stuff upstairs! I don’t even know what that means exactly, but what a guy!

Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t think Paige will choose Bubba. Bubba is a fantastic person, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily the right guy for Paige. He’s still kind of vanilla and I find him a tad overconfident, but I really like Bubba and would like to see him as the next star on SHA. And you’ve got to admit, after suffering through watching Jeremiah try to stammer out some of his feelings for Paige, it was nice to see a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Finally, Paige had a mini-date with Big Shaun. It was pretty hilarious, and I love how Shaun doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He straight up told Paige that he doesn’t love her because it really hasn’t been that long (he’s right, it hasn’t!), that he’s not ready for marriage or kids yet, but that he likes her and would treat her well. Big Shaun was so rude when he first came on the show, but I really ended up enjoying him.

Sorry, Team Shaun

I was pretty sure it would be a double Shaun elimination, and there were no surprises. Paige’s connections with the Shauns weren’t as strong as with the other two guys. Both Shauns, Big and Little, took the breakups like champs.

Now Paige is down to just two guys, Bubba and Jeremiah. Did anyone else notice how the voiceover called Jeremiah a “farmboy”? They’re definitely selling this as Big Strong Rugged Cowboy vs. Common Farmhand. I’m pretty sure Paige will choose Jeremiah, but I’m no so sure she should anymore. More than once in last night’s episode, Paige told Jeremiah “Bubba says this” or “Bubba does this”. She wants to choose Jeremiah, but she knows she should choose Bubba. It’s like she wants Jeremiah to do or say the things Bubba does so that she doesn’t have to be nervous about her decision. It’s almost as though she’s saying “Come on Jeremiah, give me what I need – don’t make me choose Bubba!”

It’s not that I don’t think Paige likes Bubba, I’m sure she does. But it just seems like there isn’t much of a spark between then. Not as much chemistry as she has with Jeremiah, or even had with Big Shaun. There’s a good foundation for a mature, solid relationship but sometimes you need more than that.

That said, you can’t build a relationship purely on spark. I used to think Jeremiah was having a hard time expressing his feelings just within the context of the show, but now I wonder if that’s true. I didn’t like that Jeremiah ignored the importance of Paige’s friends’ impression of him, and I think at this point he needs to man up and express his feelings to Paige.

OK guys, I know you’ll all have opinions on this episode and what we can expect from the finale, so head to the comments and tell me what you think!

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25 Responses to Sweet Home Alabama: Friends With Benefits

  1. Randy says:

    I think a big part of everything is that Paige let is slip that Jeremiah lives an hour away from where she lives. When you are only dating, one hour is better than a lot of hour away.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I think you’ve made something very simple, complicated and over-analyzed. Jeremiah is a farmer and because you get up at the crack of dawn, you can’t drink hard alcohol all the time (not enough recovery time). His tolerance level for alcohol is crap and he was too drunk to perform for her friends, himself, cameras or anyone for that matter. He doesn’t even remember part of the night. His mistake was simple, he should have turned down the “Alabama shooters” that he’s never had before. He’s open about it and knows he hurt Paige, himself and possibly even his family. Good guy that made a mistake and Paige was wise enough to figure that all out. Plus, Jeremiah is really not cut out for Reality TV and serial dating. Paige and Jeremiah found love in the oddest of circumstances. So Jill, remember to follow up later and let us know if you’re still certain he’s the bad guy you think he is (possibly after you’ve actually met him?).

    • Jill says:

      Where did I say I think Jeremiah is a bad guy? From what I can tell, I said all the same things you have – that Jeremiah is not meant for this kind of show, and that he should have had so much to drink at the bar last night.

      • Cheryl says:

        “And if I guy can’t put in a little effort to be nice to his girlfriend’s friends and help them get to know him, then that’s a red flag.”….that’s pretty much the “bad guy” edit (on your part). He cared a great deal and made a big mistake with those shots. Simple. Lets just all wish them well in life and love :) **I know, your title does say “snarky” so, I should lighten up** lol Still think you should meet with both of them together and do another article.

  3. Jill says:

    I do think that’s a red flag – Jeremiah said multiple times that he didn’t care about impressing Paige’s friends, and I think he was wrong there. Guys should always care about making a good impression with their girlfriend’s friends and family!

    If CMT wants to fly me down to Alabama I’d love to meet them! ;)

    • Cheryl says:

      Sure, he did contradict himself because he was tearing up and very emotional talking about how much he DID care about it. The other comments were defensive (clearly) and didn’t ring true to me at all. It’s not a “red flag”…it the unnatural enviroment of feeling such raw emotions with TV cameras in your face. So, the “red flag” is not about his love for Paige or his caring heart…it’s the mind games the producers played on both Paige and Jeremiah. They do want to talk about those mind games and have expressed as much on their fan pages. Maybe you should contact them and ask for an interview on the phone…they’re not in Alabama. Both are in MN right now. I’d expect them to stay there after all nonsense winds down….

  4. Lisa says:

    I have been a Jeremiah fan from the git-go, even though I admire Bubba’s maturity and strong-yet-sensitive manliness. All those sisters and mom and grandmas did a great job raising Bubba, and it’s cool that he prayed for a strong woman to be his wife. Takes a big man to say that.

    I agree with you, Jill, this episode made me seriously question Jeremiah as top pick, really, for the first time. But I do think there is genuine chemistry between them, and a lot of mutual good things (Minnesota, city/country split of pursuing a career in the limelight while also doing the farm/animal thing). And in the end, I think being awkward on a reality show might say A LOT about a person’s character and depth of feeling. Musicians can be notoriously challenged at communicating like most people – that’s why they opt to express themselves through music. Wish there had been fewers Alabama Slammer /Creamed Cowboy shots and a fairer “shot” of him soberly playing the song he wrote for Paige.

    • Cheryl says:

      So true Lisa, he was just awkward enough on Reality TV to convince me he wasn’t just some actor/musician trying to get a little fame. It wasn’t his gig at all and I think he’s actually a real humble guy. He sure did get taken for a ride and I’m sure it’s worth it to him in the end…he has Paige.

  5. Kat says:

    Thanks for recap Jill! Love to hear your thoughts :)

    Ok, my 0.02 haha. Jeremiah definitely shouldn’t have drank so much at the bar (especially when you’re trying to give a good impression to her friends), and he was clearly out of it. Although maybe I was expecting the worst, that night didn’t actually go as badly as I thought it would. And I totally agree with you when her friends misinterpreted his explanation about why he came on the show. To me, it means that he wouldn’t do anything just to promote his music. And let’s be serious… no one expects to actually find love on a reality show. I don’t care what Paige or those contestants say. Sure, they are open to the POSSIBILITY of love, but they do not expect to find it. People go on the show for lots of reasons. I’m sure most of them just wanted to have a good time, and do something they’ve never done. I hardly think that’s going on the show for the “wrong” reasons (seriously, what does that even mean?).

    Maybe it was just me, but I actually think Jeremiah is the most sincere and genuine about his feelings for Paige. Words are a dime a dozen; and talk is cheap. Anyone can say they love someone; but do they actually mean what they say? I get a feeling some of these guys would have said they loved the girl, regardless if Paige was the lead or not. This is not to bash Bubba (as I also really like Bubba, just not for Paige), but I think he’s convinced himself he loves Paige. He seems like he’s in love with the idea of love. But Since he’s much more comfortable with the cameras about talking about his feelings, I think he would make a great lead. The producers know that he would be dropping the L word during filming, so they’ll get the footage they need.

    Obviously Jeremiah could/should open up more, since girls do need to hear the words for validation. Again, just my opinion, but I like how Jeremiah doesn’t take/use the L word lightly. He may have difficulties expressing himself, but at least when he opens up (with what he can), it means a lot more since he means every word he professes. I thought his profession of love was very heart felt. I think Jeremiah’s clearly loves Paige and it was heart breaking to watch him tear up about it during his ITMs and when he was talking to Paige.

    I do think, moving forward from the show; he will express his feelings to Paige much easier. First, I agree, reality tv is not cut out for Jeremiah. He is not comfortable with the cameras; especially having cameras filming his intimate moments with Paige. He probably feels that certain things (such as the topic of love) should only be shared with the person you are in love with; not in front of a production crew. Secondly, assuming Paige picks Jeremiah, he now knows that all the other guys are not in the picture. Paige has mentioned that producers were telling Jeremiah that she was telling all the guys the same thing (saying she’s falling in love); as I’m sure producers are also feeding Paige some BS. There were definitely mind games involved. I also find it interesting Paige replied to one of her comments on FB, this was her response “Well I know sometimes the producers can talk people into picking who they think will be best and make the fans happy even if it’s not love.”. This makes sense to me as to why the other couples on the show never lasted. The previous leads had caved into producer’s pressure. Perhaps they never felt love with any of the contestants, since it’s not a gaurantee; even though someone drops the L word every season. I think the fact that she made this statement means that the producers were pressuring her to choose a certain guy to please the viewers. And I really think she stood her ground and did not cave in. Good for her.

    Reading the SHA FB page, I can see the “fans” are very divided. I actually really like the final 2, and basically the entire cast. I thought the casting directors deserve a pat on the back. I still felt they could have portrayed some of the guys better and truer to who they are in person instead of slandering a person’s character. It’s a reality show, so they need a good guy and a villain to make it interseting. I’m all for everyone expressing their opinions, but there are opinions and then there are rude comments that are not justified. I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated the way that Jeremiah has from the viewers. It’s one thing to not like him, but saying he’s an alcoholic, wife beater, with deep seated issues is taking it too far. His family and friends read those comments, and I couldn’t imagine how disheartening it is to read those things from someone who doesn’t even know Jeremiah. And these aren’t comments from grade/high schoolers. I think it’s just sad.

    Anyway, end rant. haha. Looking forward to the finale. I wish nothing but the best to Paige, Jeremiah, and Bubba.

    • Jill says:

      Thanks Kat! I agree that Jeremiah seems really genuine. I think that’s why I found this episode so frustrating! I wanted him to do better, but the night with Paige’s friends just didn’t go well. The fans of SHA are really passionate and have their favorites, but I think all of Paige’s final four guys seem like great dudes in one way or another. There will always be haters on the Internet, but it’s still a shame that some people are saying such damaging things about Jeremiah. That’s why I avoid other message boards!

  6. Lindsey says:

    So…I’ll admit, I haven’t been much of a Jeremiah fan since the beginning. And this last episode is another reason why. You can call it a bad edit, but the way he acted just is what it is. I hated what he said about not caring what Paige’s friends thought about him. She brought them there for a reason, – it meant a lot her, so it should mean something to him, right? I also don’t like how it’s almost impossible for him to express his feelings to Paige. That was okay at the beginning, but by now he should be willing to open up and risk getting hurt if he really cares about her.

    I don’t know. I’m gonna feel so bad for Bubba if he gets sent home right at the end. He’s really laid it all out on the line, and if Paige turns him down, it’ll be sad. But they’re making it look like she’ll choose Bubba, so she’ll end up with Jeremiah.

  7. Abra says:

    I think that the bad edit given to Jeremiah at the beginning is almost impossible to overcome at this point. Once viewers started seeing him as – what did they say? – unstable? alcoholic? anger issues? dangerous? abusive? – every negative (and who doesn’t have negatives except, of course, the perfectly edited Bubba) is just going to be piled on and make this particular fan base go wilder than they already have. I agree – he made a poor choice about impressing the friends, but he DID tell her he’s falling in love with her – and he DID explain quite well why he’s struggling with it (which is NOT because he doesn’t feel it), and BOY, he DID give her the most fabulous hug at the end on the tailgate of the truck.

    Because Jeremiah is now perceived by so many to be such a bad guy, the overflow has just about engulfed Paige – people saying terrible things about her and her possible future with Jeremiah if she has chosen him. Can one remaining episode turn trash-talking viewers into supporters for Paige and her love story if she chose Jeremiah? That, ladies and gentlemen is the $64,000 question, and I’m afraid the answer is no.

  8. Michelle says:

    So here’s a few thoughts: the friends were heavily edited and part was left on the editing floor. So here’s a few clues to what was edited having to do with Jeremiah who seemed to really mess up this week. The friends were very impressed by him when he welcomed them into the house, offered them a drink, and showed them around. They were also impressed when he told them about Bubba’s wonderful date on the beach. He deflected and was happy for another guy’s date. At the bar, he was the only one to ask about Paige’s intentions, which actually showed that he was concerned. Even as the other guys interrupted him, he spoke clearly and patiently asked his question and waited for the response. Then, when they all got up on the stage, when they were drunk, Jeremiah chose to sing a song to Paige. The lyrics were a give away to his true feelings for Paige and his true intentions. So….. people are going to hate and spew nastiness. But it is good to note what was edited. The friends actually told Paige much more, and their conversation was taken and spliced together, completely out of order.

  9. Sarah :) says:

    You got a lot of it right. Only thing I would disagree with is about the friends. He did make a great effort in the beginning. The girls admitted to wanting to get the guys drunk. Yes, he was drunk as a skunk. When someone is drunk, they are not going to make a good impression. Don’t try to liquor someone up to find out details. All you will get is incomprehensible thoughts! Is he an alcoholic bc he got drunk? (you didnt say that, just throwing it in.) No, probably exact opposite. It is important to make a good impression on friends, and he knew he screwed up.
    I do not question his motive for being on the show. I do not think he was expecting to fall in love, but it happened, and he probably thought, “oh crap! why did this have to happen on a reality show?!” Paige is an awesome leading lady, but I wish she wouldn’t bring up Bubba on Jeremiah’s time. I agree, when she does that, it’s as if she wants Jeremiah to be the part she likes about Bubba. But, I do not see chemistry with Bubba. Paige’s eyes tell on her, and she had “dull” eyes sitting around the campfire with Bubba on their FIRST date. You can tell Paige trust her first impressions. (Shaun B. exception, only bc of his looks) I kind of felt like her eyes lost some of their shine around Jeremiah during this episode. But, no worries! Jeremiah will more than likely sweep her and all of us off our feet (again) for the finale!! Jeremiah seems to be a great guy with A LOT to offer his lady! He won’t disappointed! And I am not his personal friend or family, but the guy is talented! His music is awesome!
    I don’t have a lot to say about Bubba. His most annoying quality to me is his need to tell all about his dates with Paige. If Jeremiah told those guys, “yeh, she said she was falling in love with me. She said, when she knows, she knows.” those guys would have stayed for the party and checked out emotionally. He saved the show and the producers should thank him for keeping tight lipped, and not make him an “emotionally unavailable” stereo type.
    Thanks for your blog! Always fun!

    • Jill says:

      Thanks Sarah! I think some of the blame for the night definitely goes to the friends as well as the producers. There was too much drinking going on all around, although I do think some of the other guys (like Bubba) did a better job of holding it together – either he drank less or can hold liquor better, we’ll never know. I think Jeremiah seems like a good guy, I just wish he’d do a better job of showing it! Even when he told Paige he has money set aside for meeting his wife, he kind of mumbled it and didn’t really make the point as well as I was hoping he would.

      I agree with you on Bubba! The way he talks about the dates is a little too much bragging for me, I wish he’d tone it down.

  10. Sandra says:

    Kat – great post. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

    People who actually know Jeremiah have come to his defense on various facebook pages and have said that he doesn’t drink much at all – hence his inability to tolerate a lot of alcohol. And you can’t tell me the producers didn’t set this all up hoping for drama. Seriously, if you want your friends to meet a potential love interest, why would it be a good idea for the friends to take them out and get them drunk? That isn’t how you really get to know someone – unless you want to know how well they can party. If anything, this says that Jeremiah is not an alcoholic – because party guys can handle a lot of liquor. Big Shaun and Bubba seem to always have a wine glass or a beer in hand on the show and my guess (strictly my opinion here) is that they drink a lot more in real life than Jeremiah does. And all the guys were up at the stage with Jeremiah, so I bet they were egging him on to sing.

    Paige has been doing a lot of “prep” work on her facebook page by posting how much in love she is and how she can’t wait to tell everyone the full story. A lot of people are trying to support her and say that they are glad she has found love but some people have left the most terrible messages and are doing essentially what this article has done – made assumptions about someone’s character based on reality show edits and behavior that was the result of a couple manipulated situations. I hope that after this Friday night, she and her guy (who I feel sure is Jeremiah) will be able to set the record straight and that CMT will do follow up interviews with them. And come on, this show was filmed in 4 weeks! In real life, how many people fall in love in 4 weeks while dating 22 guys and having tv producers messing with your head the whole time? It says a lot about Paige and Jeremiah that they were able to maintain any sanity and clarity at all, and actually find love.

    Paige herself said she thought she’d only have a one percent chance of finding love on a reality show – and she has said that she is interested in future tv hosting opportunities. More power to her – she obviously had several reasons for doing the show. I checked Bubba’s twitter just for kicks, and he is very busy selling his company hats. He’s not worried about cashing in on his “good guy” edits – so does that mean he did the show for the wrong reasons? I think any of the guys/girls who go on reality shows do it for the experience, to make friends, to get connections, and to MAYBE find love. If you dig deeper into a lot of reality show contestants’ resumes, you’ll find a lot of them are models, minor tv/commercial actors, or somehow connected with or know people in the entertainment business. All this is to say that Jeremiah seems like one of the most genuine people on the show. According to an interview he did, someone he knew was connected with CMT and recommended him for the show. He turned down being on the show when originally approached but they kept asking him so he finally agreed. I think we need to give the guy a break and wait until he and Paige can fill us in all the things the producers didn’t want us to see.

    But Jill, regardless – love your recaps and the snarky way you write. Big fan of your site!

    • Jill says:

      Thanks Sandra! You make a great point – almost everyone who goes on these shows do it for several reasons. Just look at the girls who’ve come back for Southern Nights! I really liked Devin and Cassie when they were doing Sweet Home Alabama, but both of them want careers in TV as well so it’s great exposure for them – it doesn’t make them bad people or disingenuous.

  11. Karen Lindsey says:

    Wow even the comments here seem to get very opinionated! So here is my opinion to add to it.
    1. Paige, look life is not all happiness and easy decisions, If she found love on SHA fabulous, if it gets her to the point of achieving some other dream of hers wonderful. Yes the show tapes in a very short time frame, and yes the produces edit to attempt to make captivating tv that will suck the view in. The point we all need to remember is IT IS EDITED FOR ALL, no one is left out of the loop. If they get great footage of you making tv mistakes you can bet the farm they will use them. But then so would any good tv editor. bottom line Paige is a lovely young lady would if she wanted a life in TV and the picket fence can have it.
    2. Jeremiah, cut out for reality tv? who knows, but if you go to his twitter and FB photos you see has been in many situations where cameras and celebrities where all around so he should know what and what not to say by now. Did he do the show for the wrong reasons? Does anyone really care. The season was great tv. Look ladies and gentlemen, people are just that people. We all want to love someone and feel loved in return. We also have many other dreams we want out of life to. Bottom line, Jeremiah is a musician and a farmer that happen to give the editors the footage to make him look his worst, I’m sure he is a wonderful man to many who know and love him. But the old adage holds true: If you dont live life for all its worth when its happening, it will do no good to cry about it later.
    3. Bubba, Did he brag to much about his dates? Maybe or maybe not again with editing, only the editors no for sure, lots of footage of the guys telling details of the dates with Paige where ran this season as with every other season. Do we know if they are all asked to do this? No, do we know anything for sure, yes we know Jeremiah and Bubba are the final two.

    For the sake of love, and everyone’s life working out as it should, lets all send up a prayer that whether it be the friends, the producers, or Paige making up her own mind, that the Final man standing is the one that will love her, make her happy and work with her to build the life both want. Will this happen? the odds are not in there favor. BUT then miracles happen everyday!

    Great Blog, stepping off my soapbox now!

  12. sum1 says:

    I’m not so sure that Jeremiah really wants to be with Paige in the deepest part of his soul. She wants him, that is for sure. But I’m not so sure he wants her like that. But I think he feels something, but maybe not something enough. Clearly he has been holding back if not straight out sabotaging his chances. I think he is doing that because he is emotionally ambivalent about how he feels about her. She is coming on very strong to him before he is absolutely sure that what he wants is to choose her forever. If he were the bachelor and had an entire group of women to choose from, would he pick her or somebody else? He has definitely been holding back but I don’t think it is because he is always shy about his feelings. I think he’s just not sure he wants all in. He needs some time to figure that out. She definitely isn’t going to pick Bubba. She isn’t that into Bubba. What she wishes is that Jeremiah would act toward her the way that Bubba does. The only reason that Bubba is still there is because he sets an example for Jeremiah about how to appreciate her. She wants Jeremiah to see that a real man wants to be her one and only.

    I think she and Jeremiah make an interesting couple. I’d like to see a follow up show that shows the progress of their relationship. But Jeremiah is a little bit immature. I’m not sure he is ready to be a real man to someone. He never shows he is willing to compromise or go out of his way. For example, when he told her friends the reasons why he thinks his hometown is a great place to raise kids, his reasons were, “Because I like to hunt and fish.” His thinking is always, “Me, me, me me. Me, myself, and I.” When he explained about taking her for a date on a combine, he said, “She has to adapt to my lifestyle.” It is always all about him. I feel sorry for her if she picks him (which she will) because I think if she ever wants to go to the South on vacation, she is going to go alone except for a couple of times. Because it is all about him. I think she’ll spend a lot of time alone while he indulges his wishes to be a rockstar, hang out with his juvenile friends (the local hicks and the hipsters in L.A.), and takes care of HIS farm. I don’t think this is a guy who understands about partnership, sacrifice, and sharing. I hope I’m wrong because she really likes him. But I think she is going to give up a lot more of herself to be with him than he ever will be willing to for her.

    • Melanie says:

      I think “adapt to my lifestyle” was a poor choice of words. What he meant was what he said in an earlier episode when the city guys were hassling him about the combine date: He’s a farmer and he’s not going to change….so IF him being a farmer is a problem for her then she would make that decision and let him go. Nobody expects Bubba to give up being a cowboy for Paige, and no one should expect Jeremiah to do the same. Plus, Jeremiah is part of a long-term family business…his whole family has been involved for decades, so he can’t just pick up and move to another location. Jeremiah can’t just buy a bunch of land in SC and start a farm like the one he has in MN (pigs, cattle, dairy cows, horses, soy beans, wheat, corn, etc) from scratch at the drop of hat all on his own. It would be easier for Bubba or Shaun to move to SC, but Jeremiah really can’t do that unless he changes the core of who is. He farms in MN. End of story. And if a woman doesn’t want to live in MN, then it’s best to know that now and move on. He established that on his very first date because it was important to him…and he was willing to walk away if she didn’t understand it. There’s nothing wrong with knowing who you are and what you want/need in a partner. Just because you’re attracted to someone doesn’t mean they are the one for you and that you have to prove your undying love for them by giving up part of your soul. Paige had already shown that she can live in MN since she’s been doing it since Aug. So again, it’s easier for her to make the life-style change than it is for Jeremiah. Sigh. I’m not sure I’m wording this well so I’ll just shut up now and stop rambling.

    • Tamara says:

      I have to disagree, Sum. I think Jeremiah went on the show for the same reason most do…someone (his sister it seems) convinced him it would be fun and maybe a way to promote his music (which is ironic since he’s only been showed holding a guitar once). I started watching SHA on the episode of Paige and Jeremiah’s second date and I told my husband that J.’s apparent emotional conflict was because he was absolutely gobsmacked to find himself really falling in love (on a reality show with cameras. in. the. face. all. the. time).
      After the final 4 elimination episode, I went back and watched again from Episode 1, paying attention to the careful and somewhat devious editing. In the first episode , when all the guys are introducing themselves to Paige, we don’t see him nor do we see their first 5 minutes chat. CMT, who have committed themselves to the “quiet farmboy from Minnesota” meme, couldn’t show it because it’s obvious he told her just what came out later: raised on a farm, spent 6 yrs in LA, pursued a musical career, went back to farm full time 2 years ago.
      And why is it obvious: go watch the first “official” meeting on the archery date in front of the combine. Paige asks if he feels like sacrificed anything by working on the farm…she wants to confirm that his life is NOT playing wanna-be rockstar and hanging out with his hipster friends, maybe using her to increase his profile. And look at what he answers: “totally happy” and one can tell that he means it, there is peace and contentment in that answer.
      The first date was brilliant for several reasons. 1) I don’t think city Todd realized how cozy the cab of a combine is :-). 2) The camera guys (in. the. face) couldn’t be there and 3) it was a way to test Paige. Was she sincere when she said she was a country girl at heart or was she, like so many people who going on reality shows, using this as a springboard to some bigger career? He’s been in that world. And when you look at their kiss at the end of the date (as far as we know) it seems obvious they both got their questions answered…Jeremiah later called it an amazing date and he knows she’ll remember ir.
      Flash forward to the second date. Look how excited Jeremiah looks walking up. And look at Paige with her cute little wave and how she walked over. She looks like she’s trying not to run over to him and fling herself into his arms. She kinda does after they greet the vet office staff. They are both absolutely giddy processing the idea that THIS could be actually be happening on the “reality show” (with. cameras, in. the. face).
      Now look at the “infamous” hammock scene and the magical disappearing blanket. It’s edited out of sequence and I will bet you that Jeremiah did not not abruptly push her out of the hammock after she said “you know when you know”. (she giggles after that last, quick kiss). The breakfast with the friends is edited out of sequence too. When Paige says “I always go for the wrong guy”, their plates are empty..it’s from the Shaun B. portion of the conversation. And shame on her friends for not telling her about Jeremiah asking if she was sincere and about the great song her wrote for her (okay..I’ll give them a break and blame CMT’s evil editing).
      Here is what I saw in the last episode..not Jeremiah holding back or being emotionally ambivalent. I saw a guy who realizes that Paige is the answer to every prayer he’s ever had made (literally). Who is struggling with how to express that (with.cameras. in. the. face) without using the perfect, smooth words that every guy who has been sent packing has already used: “amazing connection”, “be there for you”, “spend my life”, “soulmate”. Afterwards Jeremiah is beating himself up because he doesn’t think he expressed himself well…that guys ” who don’t give a crap” with smooth-talk her.
      But I think Jeremiah did a great job. I think Paige is smart enough to know that real emotion is not glib and polished and doesn’t sound like a movie line. It’s raw and messy and inarticulate. I think her “then kiss me” on the picnic bench was a “I get it”….I wonder how long that kiss actually was. :-)
      I could be wrong…but I don’t think I am.

    • Melanie says:

      Sorry, I’m on a roll. The other thing about Jeremiah is that he needs someone who understands his “double life” for lack of a better term. If you get to know him a bit, you’ll see that he doesn’t like to sit still. When he’s in MN he hunts, fishes, 4-wheels, goes mudding, races cars, rides snowmobiles, etc…ON TOP of taking care of all the animals and the crops. And in LA he does music, surfs, and snowboards. He wants someone who can understand all of that — and hopefully participate in some of it. And from what I’ve seen, Paige loves adventure and trying new things…so she’s right up his alley. Again, he KNOWS what he’s looking for and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  13. Melanie says:

    I was hesitant to say anything about Bubba, but I can’t help myself. He seems like a perfectly good guy, but based on his “edits” I find him perfectly boring. I actually find myself FF thru his scenes cuz there just isn’t any emotion/passion there. He simply isn’t my type at all — not in his personality nor physical appearance. Again, not to say he’s not nice or handsome – he’s just not my type.

    And as for Paige, that girl confuses the stew out of me. LOVE HER TO DEATH…I do…but her contradictions drive me bonkers. For instance, on her first date with Landon after paintball, she told him that she liked how he protected her and yet he didn’t baby her — he told her “Get up. Shoot over there, etc.” She’s a strong woman who KNOWS what she’s doing, and yet she says she loves how Bubba always takes care of her. Sorry, but on that fishing date he was constantly messing with her line/hook as if she’d never fished a day in her life. Good Lord. She takes groups of men out on hunting/fishing expeditions for a living! She says Bubba treats her like a woman, but I see more of a father/child relationship. Again, good guy but not my type.

    She had the same contradictions with Little Shaun. When he got tongue tied around her she said “It’s flattering that someone is so taken with you that they can’t get the words out.” [paraphrasing here] And yet when Jeremiah gets tongue tied and can’t finish his sentences while talking to her, she gets confused and says she isn’t sure about how he feels. ARGH!

    Her expectations for Jeremiah are so incredibly high — cuz she wants soooo much from him. Sometimes I wonder if anyone could measure up. But I do love her and think she’s doing an amazing job in an incredibly stressful situation.

  14. Angela says:

    I am very excited about tonight’s episode!!! I really like Paige. Most times I watch these shows, I get annoyed with the bachelor(ette) but Paige just seems like a nice girl so I am so interested in seeing what happens for her!

    I liked all of the final four. I think I would have been happy with her choosing any of them. I think Bubba could be good for her. But, Jeremiah is the one she wants to pick. He’s just not the “sure thing”. Though picking Bubba because he is a sure thing isn’t the best idea if Jeremiah is the one her heart is telling her to go with.

    I don’t know. I’m guessing she’s going to pick Jeremiah. I love Bubba. I’d love to see him back if he doesn’t get picked. Or maybe I’ll take a trip to Alabama and hope I run into him myself. Haha. Anyway, either way, I’ve got my wine and snacks all ready for tonight, and I’m looking forward to your blog post after you watch!

  15. annettenash says:

    Watched the show, and was disappointed, wanted Bubba to be the one.

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