American Idol: Hee-Yawn

Well that was disappointing. I just skimmed through the American Idol results show, and I was really disappointed to see that Erika was voted out over national joke Heejun. There are a lot of theories floating around out there about how this came to be, and my two cents is that Heejun’s safety is another example of the influence of Vote For The Worst, a website that selects who they think is the worst American Idol singer every week and encourages people to vote for them – naturally, the choice this week was Heejun.

In a word? Lame.

I hate that that website exists, and I hate that it can influence a show that I still have a minor interest in.

Other notes about the episode? I fast forwarded through most of it, but the group performance seemed OK (you know, for a group performance) and I was pleased to see Haley Reinhart again. I didn’t watch Lana Del Ray sing but I’m sure Haley was better.

OK, sound off with your thoughts!

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2 Responses to American Idol: Hee-Yawn

  1. Jim Smith says:

    I am done with American Idol. The way voting is done is wrong. It should be one vote per person. What is happening is that young girls vote many many times for good looking boys instead of talent. All so the show can say “We have 30 million votes this week. The ones deleted from the show the past two weeks is ridiculous. I am no longer watching.

  2. bgtaylor4 says:

    Agreed that Shannon should have stayed on and made the top 10, and had Erika third this week behind Jessica and Alise. But I also had Heejun 4th… and it has nothing to do with VFTW. Feel he has talent, love how he can change his voice to suit the song and that he entertains… which is kind of the point since none of them eclipsed or memorably covered any of the ten Billy Joel songs taken on… the idea is entertain and perform something worth watching. The worst of the remaining 9 is Phillip — fortunately Billy Joel wasn’t on the show or he would have ripped into the guy for completely ruining his music. Right now he and Skylar should be gone.

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