Sweet Home Alabama: Fairy Tale Ending for Paige

What an episode, right guys? The tenth and final episode ofSweet Home Alabama’s third season aired tonight, and Paige Duke chose her guy. Was it who you thought she’d choose? Click through to read a full review of the finale!

Now, I won’t bury the lede – like many of us thought, Paige chose Jeremiah. Hooray! Paige has said previously on Twitter and in interviews with me for the blog that she’s incredibly in love and happy as a clam. So I’m really happy for her and Jeremiah.

Throughout the final episode, it felt pretty obvious that Paige wanted to choose Jeremiah, but was scared. She had the passion and connection with Jeremiah, but he’d been so guarded that she knew it was a risk. When she was with Bubba, it seemed like she loved him but wasn’t in love with him the way she was with Jeremiah. Paige could see her life with him and all that he could give her, but she didn’t say much about their actual relationship.

Cabin Fever

Jeremiah got the first date with Paige, and the two of them jetted off to a tucked away rural cabin. It was totally their style, with lots of animal heads and antlers and whatnot. This was an important date for Jeremiah, because it was his last chance to talk to Paige and open up to her and really convince her that he cares about her. And Paige tried her best to get it out of him.

They had some serious conversations about living in Minnesota, raising a family, pursuing a music career vs. farming and other important lifestyle choices. (This is why I like Sweet Home Alabama, guys – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a conversation that real on The Bachelor, they’re too busy jumping out of helicopters.)

Later, they went for a walk and Jeremiah opened up to Paige some more, telling her that he knew his feelings for her were real because they were stronger than any feelings he’d ever had before. It wasn’t exactly an “I love you”, but it was pretty close. Jeremiah, god bless the poor guy, is not the most eloquent. We all know words don’t come easily to him. But it seemed like he got what he wanted across.

Later, Jeremiah’s mom and sister showed up to meet Paige. I was a little worried that they’d cause Jeremiah to retreat in fear again because they asked some tough questions about the reality that Paige could pick someone else, but it was clear as Jeremiah talked to them that he really loves Paige. I liked that Jeremiah told his mom to keep the ring she’d brought with her (one he bought a couple years ago, for his future wife). I can respect a guy that isn’t ready to propose at this stage, even if he’s in love.

After Jeremiah’s family left, Paige wondered if they’d go home and Google her and find out about the photo scandal. Poor Paige. That’s a tough, tough thing and I felt really bad for her as she talked about how they’d always be out there. Important life lesson, young readers!

The end of Paige and Jeremiah’s date was tough, because you could tell she really needed to hear “I love you” and Jeremiah didn’t want to say it – whether it was because of the cameras or because Paige still had another guy around, or what. Paige kept telling Jeremiah to stop being scared, and he kept talking about how he’s scared. It was kind of painful to watch. Finally, Paige said “I love you” to Jeremiah and he said it back. Phew!

There was a lot for Paige to think about after this date. She admitted that she’s a girl who needs reassurance, and she wasn’t sure she’d get that from Jeremiah. He said I love you, but she had to say it first. It’s an important thing to think about, whether that’s something she can be OK with in the future.

Home Sweet Alabama Home

Next was Bubba’s date, and he and Paige went to visit his ranch in Alabama. With the house that he built! With his own two hands! And you guys – it was a yellow house with a big front porch. Has Bubba seen my Pinterest?  I love yellow houses with big front porches! I will marry Bubba RIGHT NOW. Honestly, Bubba’s house was beautiful. Women will be lining up across the state of Alabama and beyond for this guy.

And the whole time Paige was there, you could tell how easily she could picture her life there. Riding horses, hunting, sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs drinking sweet tea. Kids running around barefoot. Bubba is basically a perfect human male. Paige knew he’d give her a good life, that he’d treat her well, and I think they’d probably be happy together.

But the thing is, I would have felt bad if Paige had chosen Bubba. Because she wouldn’t be choosing him because she loves him the most. She would have been choosing him because he was the safer choice.

Bubba’s mom and a bunch of his nieces came by to visit, and they  immediately liked Paige. Why wouldn’t they? She seems like an incredibly likable, sweet, genuine person.

Paige’s date with Bubba was lovely, and I felt like she wanted to want him. Like I said, it seemed like her relationship with Bubba had a lot to do with what a great husband and dad he would be. But their date didn’t have the same passion as the time she spent with Jeremiah. But man, what a guy that Bubba is. You could tell he’d treat Paige like a queen. He told Paige he’d fallen in love with her, and he told her first. She also said she was falling in love with him, but it seemed like a different kind of love than what she was feeling for Jeremiah.

One Love

And then it was decision time. Did anyone else wonder why Paige’s family didn’t come down to meet the guys? Bubba picked out a beautiful ring and was going to propose if she chose him, but I can’t imagine a traditional guy like Bubba getting down on one knee without asking her dad’s permission first. (Also, Bubba decided to propose and picked out a gorgeous ring because, once again, he’s perfect. I think he’s a cowboy robot. It’s the only answer, he’s too good to be true.)

For all the reasons I’ve mentioned above, I thought the decision would be really difficult for Paige. But I’ve felt all along that she’d end up choosing Jeremiah and that feeling never wavered. I felt bad, though – it seemed like both guys really, truly cared about Paige and whoever wasn’t chosen would be crushed.

Jeremiah was first, and Paige didn’t beat around the bush. Pretty quickly, Paige told him that she’s sad when he’s not by her side and she wants to be with him. And then they kissed! That. Was A. Kiss. Whoo! Hopefully now that he’s Paige’s only boyfriend, Jeremiah will have an easier time expressing how he feels about her. It seems like he will.

And then it was time to break the bad news to Bubba. But because Bubba is a cowboy and is amazing, he did the breaking up for Paige. It’s like he’s the Paige Whisperer! Bubba walked up, and asked Paige not to say anything so he could just look in her eyes. And then he said this:

“Your eyes are beautiful, Paige. But they don’t lie. I know your heart lies with Jeremiah and I’m OK with that.”

Swoon! You guys know I’ve loved Jeremiah all along, but I’ve really always liked both guys and you have to commend Bubba for how he handled the breakup. He did all the talking. He completely took the burden off of Paige, he said everything that needed to be said and he told her everything was OK. What a man.

Well that’s it, you guys! I really enjoyed this season. Paige seems like a truly great gal, and she ended up with a lot of fantastic guys to choose from. I think she chose the guy who was right for her in her heart, and personally I’m ready to see Bubba find his own soul mate on the next season of SHA. (That’s got to be inevitable, right?)

I’ll hopefully be speaking with Paige on Monday about the finale, so check back to the blog then. Thanks so much for reading and commenting this season, it’s been a blast! Hopefully I’ll see you guys back here for Southern Nights. Now head to the comments and tell me what y’all think.

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17 Responses to Sweet Home Alabama: Fairy Tale Ending for Paige

  1. aimee says:

    I think Bubba had been warned beforehand that Paige picked Jeremiah, thus the chance to take control of the situation and thoughtfully do the breaking up for her. Which of course only adds fuel to the fire of angry Bubba fans – who are some of the rudest people EVER. I really hope Paige and Jeremiah just never look at their Facebook “fan” pages again.

    Anyway, for someone who picked out a ring and claimed devastation if she didn’t choose him, Bubba took the the news a little to calmly not to have known what was coming – in my opinion anyway.

    Watching Paige and Jeremiah express their love to each other at the end (and he said it first this time!) was one of the sweetest, most romantic things I’ve seen. That. Was. A. Kiss. is right! So I’m thankful for that. But since the show ended with Paige picking Jeremiah, couldn’t the episode have ended with the two of them together instead of more Bubba? Or maybe my recording cut off before the very end? But probably not. And I don’t even know why that would surprise me.

    Jeremiah may not be as glib as Bubba, but his attempts at expressing himself were so much more endearing because of his struggle. Paige picked with her heart, and that’s always how love should be!

    • Jill says:

      That’s a really good point, and I’m inclined to agree – I’d believe that Bubba was warned in advance. He did hold it together really well, and CMT likely wanted him to look good as the star of the next season. Which I think he’ll be great as.

      This show certainly has some hardcore fans on both sides, and it can go a little far. I’ve definitely read comments to/about Paige that I thought were really rude. It seems like Paige is doing a great job of letting it roll off her back though. She seems like a pretty tough cookie.

  2. aimee says:

    And I don’t understand how people can be disappointed by Paige picking Jeremiah. Did they not see how in love those two are? Really, their joy and happiness is infectious! Bubba is a great guy, but Paige would have been settling if she picked him. Who wants that?

    • Jill says:

      I agree. Bubba is wonderful, but if she just didn’t love him then she shouldn’t have picked him. It’s not like you’re buying a car or something, it’s based on feeling not logic.

  3. Karen Lindsey says:

    Everyone picked there type and decided it was what Paige should do. I commend her for choosing with her heart and I hope Aimee (above) is right and they warned Bubba, Loving someone and having them not love you back in the same way is hard to absorb and even harder to live with sometimes. I read online that Jeremiah was quoted as saying Bubba was a true friend to him. After watching that finale I hope he feels so even more strongly, as Bubba took all the pain onto himself and propped up Paige to be happy with Jeremiah. How many men do any of us no that would be so selfless?
    As to the “rude” fan comments, unfortunately its the other side of the coin to compelling reality TV, people get involved and sadly no matter who Paige would have chosen the other sides fans would have wrongfully and hurtfully told the two how badly they chose/ handled the whole thing.
    I commend and respect all three for playing this out on TV at all for love is the hardest part of life while being the greatest gift at the same time. Throw in cameras and everyone else’s opinions and your life just got messy. All involved had the eyes open going in all have seen reality TV and have read about fanatic fans and there silly believe they know what a person should do better than that person knows there own mind, Lets be honest here, we have never gotten to know any of the parties involved, nor do we have the right to play god with there lives because they allowed us to watch a small piece of there life through a camera.
    Heres hoping there is a season 4 and that real love once again embraces the set, because no amount of editing can do what honest true emotion does without thought. Bubba as the star would not hurt any of our feelings either! LOL

    love your article always and continue to look forward to each and everyone.

  4. Christina says:

    well, out of everyones thought and ideas about SHA3 I loved yours. I felt the same way about it all. From the 1st time Jeremiah walked into the house I felt he would be a great pick for Paige. and threw it all she seemed to be drawn to him.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts on this wonderful love story

  5. Missie says:

    Thanks Jill for loving Jeremiah like the Team Jeremiah fans do. I have so enjoyed your comments. Loved your cowboy robot assessment of Bubba–in the words of City Shaun, that was pretty much spot on! I have even said that CMT/SHA created a Western Saint. Poor Bubba, what a reputation to live up to. :) Thanks again for your great reviews of SHA.

  6. Jill says:

    Thanks Missie!

  7. Lisa says:

    Another eloquent recap, Jill! Thanks for enhancing the watching experience of this great show. Who knew a reality show could be so real.

    As further proof of his wonderfulness, here’s a neat letter Bubba posted on his farm’s website: http://www.faithcattleco.com/
    He has some exciting news of his own to share.

    • Jill says:

      Thanks Lisa!

      I read that letter as well, very interesting that Bubba will be writing a book! I’m intrigued.

  8. Ashley H says:

    I may be the only one here but I don’t see Bubba as the next SHA star. I can’t see him wanting to be with a city girl. So unless they’re all country girls then what’s the point?

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  10. cshells says:

    Wow…if Jeremiah does not open up to Paige now that the competition is out of the picture, she is going to be devestated…It is okay to love a guy that wants to take care of you. Jeremiah seems emotionally stuck, and too immature for Paige…if he get jealous that easily, what about the future when real life sets in? Will he trust her? Just some things to consider.

  11. artnoman says:

    Sweet Home Alabama’ finale: Paige Duke chooses her man. Full story: Alabama Live. Page Duke selected Jeremiah James Korfe of Clarissa,

  12. Cy Brunk says:

    UPDATE! If you go to Paige Dukes facebook she made it clear a week ago that her and Jeremiah have broken up…thus 3 season no wedding..this show is turning out to have the track record of the Bachelor :(

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