American Idol: 2010 and Beyond

This week on American Idol the contestants performed songs from 2010 and beyond, or, songs from ever since most of these people began middle school. One of the things I like about The Voice is that the singers perform a lot of contemporary hits, so let’s see how the Idol kids did.

Skylar Laine – “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You”

This performance was like Skylar was saying “Hey, Nashville, if you can give that Pickler gal a career you can certainly help me out, right?” And country music will welcome Skylar with open arms when she finishes with this show. It wasn’t my favorite performance – a tad shouty and not my kind of song – but it was perfect for Skylar. This is what she does, and I think she’ll be successful at it.

Colton Dixon – “Love The Way You Lie”

Huh. I didn’t know the Eminem/Rihanna song was a cover of something else, but apparently it was originally by Skylar Grey. It was about how he was in an abusive relationship with the music industry, which is sort of ironic since a hot 20-something with an OK voice eventually made it famous. Anyway, I digress. Colton’s performance was fantastic. That’s kind of all there is to it.

Phillip and Elise singing “Somebody That I Used To Know: Wow, between Glee and Idol this Gotye song is really being jammed down my throat…stop it, entertainment industry! I love this song and don’t want it to be overplayed. I liked Phillip and Elise’s duet a lot though.

Jessica Sanchez – “Stuttering”

I vaguely knew this song, and thought it was a fantastic choice for Jessica. She had a voice that can do practically anything, and it soared on this song. This girl is Way. Too. Good. for Idol. Just hand her the top prize now, because if anyone else wins it’ll be highway robbery.

Joshua Ledet – “Runaway Baby”

So Fantasia gave Mantasia a little message, which was pretty freakin’ adorable. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this song for Joshua because it’s really energetic and almost a little bad-ass, and Joshua is a born and bred church singer. But he killed it! Who knew Joshua could be so cool? Whereas big singers like Jessica and Hollie have struggled a little so far with uptempo performances, Joshua seemed incredibly comfortable – like he was having fun!

Skylar and Colton singing “Don’t You Wanna Stay”: You guys! Stop trying to say Colton and Skylar are dating! Geez! Looks like we have another Haley/Casey are-they-or-aren’t-they-or-do-we-care situation. Anyway, funny romantic rumors aside, it was a decent but slightly dull performance. I think it showed that Skylar, while good, doesn’t have Kelly Clarkson’s voice.

Hollie Cavanagh – “Perfect”

Aw, “Perfect” brings out Hollie’s weird little half-accent. However, it was a weird song choice for her. Pink is a powerful and gritty singer. Hollie is…powerful, but she has the grit of a daffodil. Her enunciation was too calculated and exact for a song that’s about saying ‘F You’ to everyone else and just being yourself. This week, Joshua proved he can be cool. Hollie is adorable, but she isn’t cool. She might be going home this week. (Also, WTF was she wearing? What was that fur tutu?)

Phillip Phillips – “Give a Little More”

A Maroon 5 song I don’t know? I’m shocked! Honestly, I had trouble paying attention to Phillip’s performance, I just found it really boring. It’s been many, many weeks of the same thing and only now the judges have begun to make that complaint.

Hollie, Jessica and Joshua singing “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”: Poor third wheel Jessica! Looks like Joshua and Hollie are quirky little BFFs. I think this was the first time Jessica hasn’t sounded amazing – the beginning of the song seemed too low for her. She killed the chorus though and sounded the best of the three, but overall the performance was weak for everyone.

Elise Testone – “You and I”

Jason Segel is the most amazing ever. I think we need to somehow get Allison on the show (and she can sing, too) so that her major celebrity crush, Jason Segel, will send her a cute video. Anyway, the irony here killed me – way back when (last season?) my favorite Haley Reinhart KILLED IT on this song, but the judges ripped her to shreds because it hadn’t been released yet. Now Elise gets to close the show with it. Elise’s performance was very good in its own right. I kind of think she should have stayed at the piano, and I wish she’d done the “my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ” line, but overall it was a good performance.

OK, so time for the rankings! Then head to the comments and share your thoughts.

  1. Jessica Sanchez (Last week #3)
  2. Joshua Ledet (Last week #4)
  3. Colton Dixon (Last week #1)
  4. Elise Testone (Last week #5)
  5. Skylar Laine (Last week #2)
  6. Phillip Phillips (Last week #6)
  7. Hollie Cavanagh (Last week #7)

I think Elise and Hollie will be in the bottom three this week, and possibly Phillip as well. I think Hollie should go home, but Elise has had trouble finding a fan base. I don’t want it to be her, but it might be.

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2 Responses to American Idol: 2010 and Beyond

  1. aimee says:

    I actually really liked Phillip this week.

  2. bgtaylor4 says:

    So many comments… First, Colton was doing a Eminem song, one that he co-wrote — writing credits are Marshall Mathers aka EMINƎM; Alexander Grant aka Alex da Kid; Holly Hafermann aka Skylar Grey.

    I avoid Glee, so was not over exposed to the duet by Elise and Phillip which was awesome. So listened to/watched the original (yeah I’m an old fart in a cave and hadn’t heard it before) as many aa ten times today. Gotye is more restrained here, so I’d give an edge to him over Phillip. And Kimbra does less (certainly enough) in th song than Elise did by nature of making it a duet. But I absolutely love both versions, love the AI production of it and loved the video. And being basically a P2 hater, this performance and his solo completely turned me around.

    The whole evening was really good. The trio of Jessica, Hollie and Joshua exceeded Kelly clarkson on this one. Have the album. Love her version. But they were better! Again, the whole evening just worked really well.

    So ranking in order, but could change this most any way except I would send Elise home this week.

    1. Skylar — nailed it, better than Kellie, one of her best, if not best, performances
    2. Phillip — as mentioned, this simply changed my mind and I liked his take on this song
    3. Jessica — agreed she should win the whole season, she’s the best AI has ever had with the caveat that her talent is raw, she’ll grow as a performer, but that she is Whitney, Mariah, Barbara, Aretha good (see my comment on your other blog above).
    4. Hollie — is back, a really great number, a cute but really weird outfit, and with this girl, if she can get past the nerves or whatever, should be the final two with Jessica… and anything, absolutely anything, Celine Dion has ever done Hollie can cover better. And Pink, different sure, should feel alright with this cover.
    5. Colton was great tonight making someone’s music (Eminem) that I cannot stand not only palatable, but really good. Only 5th because four were better.
    6. Joshua — here, too, 6th… but cause I have to… fun, energetic, nice production
    7. Elise — she bugs me a bit, I find her this weeks weak link, but listening back and then the Gotye number, she grows on me, too.

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