Revenge – Arrested Developments

Aw, how sweet.

Yippee! Revenge finally returned on Wednesday night, and I couldn’t have been happier to have my favorite (or only, whatever) primetime soap back in my life. And for the most part, “Doubt” was positively delicious. I loved watching the Graysons scramble to find someone to pin Tyler’s murder on while Emily balanced playing them all like a bunch of puppets and trying to handle her own emotions about Daniel.

This is so unlike Victoria Grayson. But apparently VERY Vicky Harper.

But before we jump into the juicy stuff, there was one thing that felt completely off to me. What was with Victoria slumming it with that artist dude? It felt like it came completely out of nowhere, it felt completely out of character, and it felt completely disconnected from the rest of the story. I hope this becomes important somehow, because otherwise it just sort of feels like a waste of time.

Now, onto everything else. I love seeing Emily and Victoria work side by side towards the common goal of freeing Daniel, yet secretly being so against one another. Victoria was determined to pin the whole thing on Amanda Clarke and, failing that, her beau Jack Porter. Emily doesn’t want to see Daniel taken down, but she really doesn’t want Jack to take the fall. So the question is, who does Emily want to pin this on?

Emily brings Mason Treadwell back into the fold, under the guise that he’ll publish a blog chronicling the trial to try and garner public favor for Daniel. Emily also planted the interview tapes stolen from Mason’s home in the desk Victoria gave him to use, so he no longer suspects Amanda was to blame for the arson. Well played, Emily. Mason Treadwell no longer trusts the Grayson family, so he went to talk to the Porters.

Declan grants Mason an exclusive interview in which he reveals that not only was Charlotte on painkillers and drinking champagne that night, but she made up the entire thing about the hooded man on the beach. Declan might care for Charlotte, but he loves his brother more.

Emily learned the identity of Victoria’s muscle in New York – a guy who Victoria actually hired to make sure her own son was beat up in prison so that he’d be granted house arrest. By throwing on a brown wig and buying the guy a few shots, Emily learned a whole lot more than that about the thug’s working relationship with the Grayson’s. And then she epically beat the crap out of him.

There have been more exciting episodes of Revenge for sure, but I’m just glad to have this show back in my life on a weekly basis. We’ve got five more episodes to look forward to, and I can’t wait.

Quote of the episode, courtesy of Mason Treadwell:

“Do what? Not invite me to the parties you’ve stopped throwing? Not introduce me to the celebrities who’ve stopped calling? Your empire is crumbling, my queen. News choppers are circling Grayson Manor like so many buzzards waiting for an old goat to die.”

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2 Responses to Revenge – Arrested Developments

  1. Dana says:

    Very glad Revenge is back too although not my favorite episode. What is that crap with Victoria and that guy, he just came out of no where, of course it will end up somehow being significant in some way. And we just know that Daniel will screw up his house arrest which was the whole point of that little scene where he tests going out of the perimeter. In some ways I think this show is getting a little cheesier each episode. The beginning was cheesy but smart now it starts getting a little far fetched.

    • Jill says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot about that – I can totally see Daniel screwing up his house arrest. Especially if he thinks Emily or Charlotte is in danger. Or who knows, maybe Takeda will forcibly remove him so he gets sent back to the slammer!

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