The Office: Anger Management, The Redux

I haven’t been a big fan of The Office lately and likely won’t watch (at least not regularly) next season, but I do have a few things to say about last night’s episode.

I actually thought “Angry Andy” was very funny. The cold open, in which Jim promised to buy everyone in the office hot chocolate if Phyllis uttered all twelve of her rainy day cliches by noon, was hilarious. I loved it.

Andy’s return to being blinded by rage after realizing Nellie has stolen his job provided a lot of laughs. He’s still the same angry dude he was once, he’s just calmed by Erin now. It was a nice little example of how people don’t really change, and how some people are meant to be together. As a longtime fan of Andy and Erin, this pleased me.

But is Andy gone from Dunder Mifflin now? Does Nellie seriously have his job? Does the HR department even exist anymore? Back in the days of Michael Scott, Michael was constantly being prevented from doing idiotic things like this. It’s why he hated Toby so much. That sense of realism is long out the window.

If this were the last season of The Office, I could maybe get behind this. Let Andy leave in a fit of rage, and let Erin go with him. Have Kelly run off with her hot new Indian boyfriend, leaving Ryan in the dust. Hell, give Jim Halpert a new job at the end of the season! Finish the series of The Office with absolutely no one continuing to work there. But that’s not the plan. So where can the show go from here? I don’t like Nellie, I don’t want to watch her be the boss. So the show will continue, but I won’t keep watching.

What did you guys think of “Angry Andy”?

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4 Responses to The Office: Anger Management, The Redux

  1. MOCK! says:

    Watching this episode and last week’s back-to-back last night was enough to insure we will not be watching again. Nellie’s character is repugnant. The storyline is now TOO unbelievable. This season is just WAY off….I just can’t do it anymore…

  2. So disappointed by this show. The one that plays Nellie is horrible, and adds absolutely nothing to the show. Adding James Spader could have been amazing. He was far and away the best character on Boston Legal and easily carried that show with William Shatner. The character he’s playing on The Office is just flat out boring compared to what he could be doing.

    Are they still spinning off a Dwight show? I hope not..

    • Jill says:

      Yeah I’m not sure what the status is of the Dwight spin-off. If it’s only in development, it still may not be picked up.

  3. Mario says:

    I never liked the idea if Andy as manager because although he kind of resembles the goofiness and awkwardness that Michel had Michel at least was good at what he did people keep forgetting that Michel actually “deserved” to be a manager he had worked for it, he was a top salesman and even if 90% of the time he did not actually knew what he was doing there still was that 10% where he shined and it was amazing. At one point a tough they could make Andy shine like that when he tattooed his ass and got everyone together but the turn of events have left us here with a horrible unwatchable episode and an even worst “main” character as Nelly … :( I am sad to see my favorite show like this

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