Game of Thrones – The Thirteen and Pregnant

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones opened with, of all things, a fart joke. Oh man, they’re really helping to support SNL‘s theory that this show is run by a thirteen year old boy, aren’t they? I immediately thought of @AlliTweeds when that happened.


There was a battle, and afterwards Robb Stark argued with a pretty nurse who helped a soldier from the Lannister side. I liked their banter, but I was more concerned about the fact that Robb doesn’t want to sit on the Iron Throne and doesn’t know who should. Um, shouldn’t he have an end game here?

King’s Landing

Robb’s war victories on the battlefield weren’t good news for Sansa, because Joffret took them out on her. Thank goodness, Tyrion intervened before it went too far. Joffrey’s cruelty was attributed to boredom, so Tyrion delivered a solution he’s most familiar with – prostitutes. Proving he’s a sick psycho to his core, Joffrey was more interested in watching the two prostitutes hit each other than he was in them actually doing anything to him. And not hitting in a playful, sexual way. It was disgusting. Oh, how I hope Joffrey meets a violent, painful end.

With Jaime imprisoned, apparently Cersei has been bedding her cousin. And he goes along with it because he was instructed by Old Man Lannister to follow all of Cersei’s instructions. Riiiiight. Tyrion confronted him about it, but instead of outing him or banishing him from King’s Landing he turned him into a spy. Tyrion’s a smart cookie, we’ve always known that.

Storm’s End

Littlefinger showed up to try and broker a deal, but Renly wasn’t having it.

Catelyn Stark didn’t have kind words for him. The only thing worse than confronting the man who betrayed your husband is having him confess his love for you, right? Happens to me all the time…

Littlefinger tried to make a trade with Catelyn – Sansa and Arya (he lied about having Arya, because he is a weasel) in exchange for Jaime Lannister. Not exactly an even trade, but he was playing to Catelyn’s maternal instincts. He also brought her Ned Stark’s body, as a sign of good faith.

Catelyn tried to get Renly and Stannis to work together against the common enemy of the Lannisters, but they can’t. Stannis considers him the rightful king (which, of course, he sort of is – more than Renly anyway) but Renly has the army, the support, etc.

The Red Desert

Daeny was absent from last week’s episode, and in a much better position than we last saw her. One of her men returned with news that The Elders of Quarth would be willing to take them in.

When they arrived, they were greeted by “The Thirteen”, who govern and protect Quarth. (Pronounced Karth, don’t get it wrong!) I loved watching Daeny try and speak with authority, like a true Queen. She was questioned by the leader of The Thirteen, who wanted to see her dragons. She said no, so they refused to help her. Daeny threatened to burn their city down if they weren’t helped. Not a great way to make friends, but she was angry. One of The Thirteen wanted to help and made some sort of oath to vouch for her, and they let Daeny and the Dothraki in.


I didn’t catch where Arya, Gendry and the other prisoners were taken so I had to look it up. It’s Harrenhaal, a place that apparently smells like death. They were being questioned, tortured, and some were killed. Arya is making a list of people she wants to kill, because she is bad ass and is probably reincarnated as Katniss Everdeen in a future life.

They were being asked about The Brotherhood, whatever that is. Do you guys know? Later, Tywin Lannister demanded that the prisoners be turned into laborers instead of killed. He’s smart, because he immediately identified Arya as a girl – and he gave her a job as his new cup bearer. However, Arya working for Tywin Lannister is very dangerous, should he realize she’s a Stark.


Um, ew? And what the hell? The birth scene that closed the episode was disgusting. Melisandre has given birth to some kind of smoke monster. Book readers, feel free to take it from here – can you explain that without dishing out too many spoilers?

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9 Responses to Game of Thrones – The Thirteen and Pregnant

  1. Dana says:

    The smoke monster thing made me immediately think of Lost, guess he is going to play the power game and go terrify plane crash victims. Come to think of it maybe Game of Thrones is the backstory to the island.

    I thought the Brotherhood was referring to the Knights at the Wall but I am probably way off base.

    Wasn´t this cousin the same boy that Cersei slept with last season, I thought so. Still, though good move on Tyrion´s part to get him.

    I hate Littlefinger too but it certainly seems that the brokers and advisers often do better than the ´Kings´ in this series, with the exception of Ned Stark. Look at Tyrion, Littlefinger, that other guy that Tyrion is letting go in the morning. In many ways, although they don´t have power outright, they remain in powerful positions from king to king.

    In a way Littlefinger´s speech to Catelyn was kind of ironic. He says that the Lannisters have both Sansa and Arya, he lying to Littlefinger about Arya although the Lannister´s do have her, only Littlefinger doesn´t know it.

    The Stark girls/women are getting good at playing the right game. Sansa still outwardly pledging her loyalty to Jeffrey even when Tyrion offers to get her out of the marriage. And Arya, plotting her revenge all the while eyeing needle. I also think her chanting is a way to help her cope with all that she has seen. I wonder what Tywin Lannister has in store for her.

    Very curious about what Daeny and her lot are going to do at Quarth.

    • Jill says:

      I also loved the irony of Littlefinger’s negotiations. Even Tywin Lannister doesn’t yet realize that Arya is no longer being held in King’s Landing, so that adds a whole other layer. So many lies and deceptions!

  2. Randi says:

    Melisandre gave birth to the shadow at Storm’s End where Renly and Stannis have made camp. They seemed to have skipped a very important part to get there so I hope they fix it and leave the story sequence as it is in the book!

    At Harrenhal, in the book, they questioned each prisoner about Beric Dondarrion and his band of brothers. I didn’t quite catch if that is who they are still looking for. He’s a slippery character, who we have never really encountered except at the very beginning. Rumours in the realms claim he’s dead, others claim he just killed some bigwig leagues away. Who knows (yet)?

    Dany in Qarth is very interesting. I can’t wait to see how that goes down.

    Good recap Jill!!

  3. Aaron Sirois says:

    It’s very interesting. To save time and money, they’ve been (understandably) combining chapters from the book and omitting several sections. For example, The torture of the captives wasn’t at Harrenhaal, but in a village where Arya is captured. Also, she wasn’t captured right when Yoren died, so they’ve been mixing things up. They also made Bronn captain of the city watch, thus removing the need to introduce a new character. Crafty.

    Interesting stuff though, and the new scenes are very nifty.

  4. jose says:

    On the Brotherhood. No, you aren’t really supposed know who they are at this point, except that they are a thorn in the Lannister’s side.

    There isn’t really a spoiler free to explain the shadow baby, but it is an indication that Melisandre does have some real power if the poison thing in episode 1 wasn’t enough. How much? Still not sure, but it probably won’t be the last time she does something difficult to explain.

    • Jill says:

      Thanks for the explanations!

      • jose says:

        No problem. Just so you know, if you feel like you don’t understand something, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve missed something. There are some mysteries that will go unexplained for a while.

      • brandonstark says:

        Yeah the only thing to say about the Brotherhood at this point (w/o spoiling) is that there was a scene in Season 1 when Ned is sitting on the Iron Throne and holding court (while Robert is hunting), and some villagers show up to tell him their village was attacked by Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane. Ned sentences the Mountain to death and sends Lord Beric Dondarrion and 100 men to bring Ser Gregor to justice. I think its Ep 6, but it might be 7. The rest should be explained as we move forward.

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