Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 – Wedding Crashers

It’s funny, even though this show almost has the word “bitch” in the title, I never wondered if I’d like the character of Chloe. She’s sarcastic, self-involved and has the morals of a pirate… so I was bound to love her, you know? No no, it was always June I was worried about. Sweet, Type A, responsible June. And “The Wedding” tackled what can be unlikable about June (she’s boring) head on.

This was a great episode for Dreama Walker, and I think she proved that she can be just as funny as Krysten Ritter and James Van Der Beek with her material this week. Chloe helped June find some confidence and, unfortunately for Chloe, she created a monster. No, it was worse than a monster. She created a rival.

Soon June was out partying late with JVDB, coming up with cutesy dances and getting crappy swag from vodka parties. Chloe was jealous.

So when June decided she had the confidence to attend a wedding of mutual friends of her and her ex, Chloe decided to take her down a few pegs. She showed up with her own celebrity date (Kevin Sorbo, who thought he was there to talk about MS) and didn’t tell June that her jackass ex-fiancee had called to say he was attending. It was a mean thing to do but, hey, Chloe is mean. And June was just oblivious enough of how she was making Chloe feel that you didn’t completely hate Chloe.

Now that’s a true friend!

Eventually, Chloe realized how easily June’s ex could crush the girl’s self-esteem. If this were a more predictable show, June would have just realized that she’s better off without the guy and that she needs to embrace being herself, not act like Chloe. But it didn’t! Instead, they went all vengeful and staged a huge fake scene to make June seem like the hottest thing in New York – JVBD kissed her and Chloe slapped her.

And then, because it’s June, she didn’t leave on the high note. She should have, but instead she ran back into the wedding to try and sing “You Oughtta Know” and was kicked off the stage. I loved it.

Favorite Quotes & Moments

  • “Oh don’t bother, I already ate all the pills under the couch.”
  • JVDB does a bit from Lethal Weapon to warm up.
  • “New June isn’t even wearing a bra! Just those weird cups that stick on with tape!”
  • Being a freebie is the greatest responsibility that comes with being a celebrity. And JVDB fulfilled his duty with the bride.
  • The Guy Ritchie parody was fantastic. “I ad libbed that line and they made it the title.”

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  1. kristaspurr says:

    This episode finally brought me around. JVDB is stealing every scene, Schmidt-style.

  2. Randi says:

    We’re enjoying this show so far too. James Van Der Beek is amazing in it.

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