Grey’s Anatomy – “I don’t understand how this keeps happening!”

Geez. Well THAT was something, wasn’t it?

I didn’t have time to review last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but for the most part I liked the episode. In fact, I thought it seemed like the penultimate episode of the series – all our doctors and grown up and spreading their wings, most of them deciding to leave Seattle Grace for new opportunities. It seemed, I thought, a great way to end the series.

And then there was an effing plane crash. WHAT???

Look, yes, I’d already heard that someone would die in the season finale. But a plane crash? I think the show was getting a little meta this week when Cristina wondered why stuff like this keeps happening to them. Is this Grey’s Anatomy or Final Destination: Medical Soap Opera?

If you can get past that fact that the Seattle Grace docs have been affected by yet another tragic disaster, it was a great episode.

The doctors on the crashed plane were Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Lexie, Mark and Arizona. We lost Lexie surprisingly early in the episode, and since I’d only read about one death occurring, I was shocked when Mark possibly died as well. (I thought he was definitely dead, the Interwebs suggest otherwise. Thoughts?) It was devastating. Everything about it was really well done, emotionally wrecking, shocking and sad.

One problem was that the plane crash stuff was so enthralling that I cared very little about what was happening back in Seattle. April’s life is a mess, Avery decided to leave, so is Karev, blah blah blah. Bailey and whatshisface are still getting married. Yeah yeah, let’s get back to the freakin’ plane crash.

The one big thing was that Owen fired Teddy, because he knew she was turning down an amazing job opportunity so she could stay in Seattle and be his friend during a tough time. It was very sweet, and I have said before this year that I think her time was up on the show. It’s confirmed that she won’t be returning, and I’m OK with that. Her peak was the dead husband storyline, and now there’s not much left for her to do.

But what of the rest? The season ended with everyone still stranded in the forest following the crash. They are not doing well, and Owen had only just learned that they never arrived at their destination. First of all, I can’t believe the season ended on such a cliffhanger. I’m so mad!

Second of all, what will next season look like? I thought that if our original residents were moving on, Lexie would become the central character next season. I was debating whether I’d watch that or not, but now she’s dead.

Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Karev, Avery and April were all planning on leaving Seattle next season. Will they? Who will we see next season? Word on the street is that Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Justin Chambers will all be back. What will change to keep them all in Seattle? It feels so unrealistic. I really think that this should have been the last season, and they should all be moving on to different hospitals.

I still have a lot of feelings about this finale. It was fantastic, but I feel kind of manipulated. I hate how much has been left up in the air.

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8 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – “I don’t understand how this keeps happening!”

  1. kristaspurr says:

    That made my head hurt. I stopped watching after Denny died because it was getting far too absurd way back then.

    • Jill says:

      It’s improved a lot since then. There was a real ugly phase there for awhile. So bad that I think Katherine Heigl had every right to complain publicly about the material. But then it got better again, and with the exception of the musical episode has been pretty consistently good. But this, this was over the top. I think they had a lot of success with a double-episode that featured a shooting in the hospital a couple seasons ago and wanted to recreate that drama, but you just can’t.

  2. Scott says:

    I sobbed when Lexie died, like, I made loud noises. It was embarrassing.

    I was expecting an up in the air finale because from the stuff I’ve read Shonda had to write it before she knew which cast members were staying and leaving, but that was just wow.
    I felt a bit sorry for Arizona when everyone just left her, and so I was really expecting her to be the major death. I was just so shocked when Lexie died, especially so early into the episode – it was heartbreaking. I think the worst part was just how sudden it was and that Meredith wasn’t even there. Ugh horrible. I’d almost rather Mark died too (I thought he had as well until I read interviews/reviews – maybe he’ll die before they get rescued next season?).

    I really didn’t care about the hospital either, but at least Teddy got an okay send off. It was pretty clear that there was nowhere to go with her character after her husband died.

    I did crack a few smiles thanks to Cristina’s commentary and shoe hunting, so at least there was some levity.

    • Jill says:

      I guess it would be very hard to write a finale when contracts are still up in the air. But that kind of thing annoys me, when the backroom deals get in the way of the show. I think it’s lame that everyone decided to leave, but then will change their minds in the season premiere.

      Cristina definitely shone here, it was funny. Hard to do funny in a plane crash.

  3. Dana says:

    I don’t really love all that cliffhangery stuff either, and after last week’s episode I was also like, how many times are these people going to face death? I loved the bit with Cristina’s shoe, that was awesome.

    In hindsight Lexie seems the logical choice, loads of people were thinking that Ellen Pompeo would leave and Lexie would be the Grey to carry on. I like Lexie but her character wasn’t critical to the show. And actually except for all her Mark drama, she’s not had much to do for a very long time.

    My prediction is that the other death will be Arizona. Callie was waxing too happy and shiny there in the episode about how happy she is in order to make it out of this one.

    • Jill says:

      When the plane crashed last week, I groaned before I gasped. Not the reaction I think they’d want.

      Lexie is definitely disposable, especially if Ellen Pompeo is definitely staying on. But I did think that if the main characters all left the series, she’d be expected to somewhat carry it.

      I will be so upset if Arizona dies! She’s one of my favorites. But you’re right, Callie was way too happy in this episode. But that could also be Mark dying, since he’s her best friend and the father of her child.

  4. Dana says:

    It kind of annoys me that they are using what is happening in real life, the contract negotiations of the series stars as plot points. I get that the writers might not know yet who will return or not but I kind of feel like they used it as a ploy to amp up the suspense. Also, last week you had all of them leaving and now you know that Meredith, Shepherd, Cristina and Alex will stay because they signed contracts. I just don’t think it is a great formula that htey all decided to leave and now again, because of some tragic event they will stay. You just know how it will play out:

    -Cristina won’t be able to leave Owen.
    -Derek will have a problem with his hand, so goodbye Harvard.
    -Meredith will stay because Derek won’t t have the thing with Harvard and staying puts her back with her person, Cristina.
    -Arizona or Mark will die (I think it will be Arizona).
    -Karev will stay because there are not enough surgical hands on deck or they won’t have a Pediatric surgeon if Arizona dies.
    -Jackson will stay because there are not enough surgical hands on deck or they won’t have a head of Plastics.
    -April will stay to be with Jackson and will become an ER doc rather than a surgeon.

    • Jill says:

      We need to revisit this comment in the fall, because I bet you are right on all counts!

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