Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 – Booze Blues

Being Chloe’s friend is loads of fun, but can also be dangerous. That’s the lesson June learned when she ended up with alcohol poisoning after a night out with Chloe.

I like how much the show has built on the idea that June’s Type A personality has loosened up because of Chloe, and that she loves it. “This is my moment in the sun!” I’m not sure I buy the idea that June couldn’t drink for six months after getting her stomach pumped, but hey – it’s never happened to me, so I have no idea.

But I liked what that meant for June. Instead of re-evaluating her life choices, she was dying to get back in the fast lane, partying with Chloe rather than focusing on getting her life back on track.

Also, in this season finale we got to see some of the cracks in Chloe’s cool gal routine. She pretended not to know that she’s the star of a graphic novel called “Tall Slut No Panties” (can’t wait to see the hits I get off that Google search term) but she actually had them all hidden under the floorboards.

This episode wasn’t the funniest one we’ve seen, but I like how it solidified Chloe and June’s friendship, whether they have a lot in common or not. And there were quite a few laugh-out-loud lines, so check those out below.

Favorite Quotes & Moments:

  • James: “What were you thinking?”
    Luther: “That ghosts have all my passwords.”
  • “It’s about me and my best friend who spent prom night in the band room eating oranges and playing flute duets!” …and then Chloe sets fire to June’s homemade comic.
  • “I’m the one that does my own thing! I’m the one with all the things!”
  • “Do I like myself better upside-down?”
  • “Ugh. Panties. I can’t get comfortable! How does Hilary Clinton do it?”
  • “I can SEE.”

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