Bachelor Pad Update – Don’t worry about Rachel Truehart!

Hey guys. So, I noticed a lot of Google searches for “Is Rachel Truehart OK after Bachelor Pad finale” and the like led you to my blog. Welcome. You’ve found a safe place to discuss the insanity that is Bachelor Pad.

In the name of intrepid journalism and reporting the truth, I decided to go straight to the source to bring you the answer you deserve.

There you have it! She is fine. As if there was ever any doubt that a woman this gorgeous wouldn’t be able to pull through? Pshaw.


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2 Responses to Bachelor Pad Update – Don’t worry about Rachel Truehart!

  1. Maggie says:

    I really hope she is okay and not just saying so. I honestly felt so awful that her pain was on such display and that there were no words of comfort offered to her. I get the whole relationship in the house and then leaving the house and reality sets in, but Michael caused her a great deal of pain and I honestly can’t respect him for his behaviour. With respect to Nick, I understand his decision and I do support the decision he made, because it is true, he was on his own most of the time. However, it doesn’t justify the hurt, anguish and pain that just gutted me watching her last night. I even said a prayer for her. It really affected me and I just hope that she can become a stronger woman because of these experiences and do something wonderful in the future and look back at these events and say Ha Ha, I’m past this. Go Rachel Go!

  2. Scott Brunso says:

    I have worried about Rachel ever since Monday night. She seems nice. Nick just wanted to keep all the money. She was his partner and supported him even when it meant sending her best friend home. I saw Rachel’s note that she is OK. Rachel I encourage you to surround yourself with close trusting friends and family. Bachelor Pad is about conflict, but in the end it comes together. This episode missed something with the ending being so bad.

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