The Emmys – Best and Worst of The Red Carpet

We all know that the best part of watching an awards show is seeing all the red carpet fashions. OK, some of us know that. The rest of you avoid my Twitter feed about four times per year. Anyway, last night’s Emmys red carpet fashions were almost as dull as the show itself – but thankfully, I thought there were some winners.

This slideshow includes my best and worst dressed picks, so you’ll have to look at the captions to know where I stand on each gown.

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I’d say my award for Worst of the Night goes to Zosia Mamet of Girls, and my award for Best of the Night goes to Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon A Time. Who were your favorites? Who do you think was a train wreck?

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11 Responses to The Emmys – Best and Worst of The Red Carpet

  1. Dana says:

    My best was Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi). I loved that dress, it had a beautiful line to it, especially from the side.

    Worst was Zosia Mamet and Christina Hendriks. CH was particularly a disappointment as she usually always makes the most of her shape for her gown choices, but this time, yuck.

    Generally I thought there was a lot of high school trashy this time around. I don’t know why the TV stars aren’t more elegant and Oscar like in their choices, their show is not in the classic awards season.

    There was a lot of same-ness to a lot of people’s dresses. Sofia Vergara, same dress, Lucy Liu, same dress, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, same dress. Plus lots of tafetta which I don’t get at all.

  2. lifeofmytime says:

    I think I may be the only person on earth who liked Claire Danes’s dress.

    • Jill says:

      I loved the color, but in particular I thought the shape when she walked on stage looked bad/sloppy.

  3. Vanessa says:

    My favorite was Jessica Pare – It’s the type of dress I gravitate to – simple, clean lines. Loved the hair, loved the jewels etc. I also really liked Zooey’s dress, and while orange doesn’t look great on everyone, I thought Padma Lakshmi looked amazing.

    My least favorite by far was January Jones – she is so beautiful, but she was just fug’ing it up last night, especially the hair. Zosia is not far behind.

    • Jill says:

      I forgot about Padma, I liked that one as well. Orange is a good color with her skin tone.

      January Jones’ hair and makeup were especially atrocious.

  4. abeautybag says:

    Definitely inspired by this beauty blog – as you were by the Emmys! Have a look at my quick take on the beauty at the Emmys :o) x

  5. Dana says:

    January Jones always comes off super boring or trying too hard. Her red carpet sense is not good. Last night I didn’t like Ginnifer Goodwin’s dress much, I thought the red and the beige together were not good. But now I’ve seen some stills of her off the red carpet and the dress is more orange and very very beautiful.

    I’ve also just seen Julianne Margulies’ gown and I loved that one too.

    Claire Danes’dress was beautiful at the start of the evening but I thought it didn’t wear well, by the time she accepted her award it looked messy. I was not a huge fan of the yellow dresses generally but the best one was Julianne Moore’s. Although all the yellow dresses seemed to be suffering from too much dress syndrome.

  6. Scott says:

    So proud of Tina Fey for finally getting it right!

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