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This could be dangerous. I’m beginning to think Glee is good again. But, guys! I liked this week’s episode! That’s three in a row – a hat trick! (Look at me, using sports metaphors…I think.)

“Makeover” was Sarah Jessica Parker’s debut as a guest star, and like Kate Hudson, I was surprised to really dig her character. The whole internship thing for Kurt might be a fantasy world, but it’s one that Glee can still comfortably do, given that Glee lives in a fantasy world. There’s enough to sell it – the Ohio kinship Kurt has with his boss, Kurt’s long history of making his own crazy outfits and the fact that of course he has a Tumblr or something, etc.

The McKinley High stuff was good. The writing seemed more self-aware than ever, and there were tons of jokes about complaints I, along with everyone else, often made last season. The election stuff was legitimately funny, and Will isn’t annoying me at all. I liked it.

Rachel’s makeover was fun, and by putting her in New York with Kurt they’ve really emphasized the charming side of her character. I can only hope that Finn’s appearance at the end of the episode will serve as an opportunity for that couple to break up, once and for all. I don’t need him spoiling the streak (Ha! I’m being generous – it is still only a few episodes…) the show has been on.

Bridging the New York/Lima divide are Blaine and Kurt, who Skype regularly. Blaine won the election for student body president, but his stories paled in comparison to Kurt’s adventures. It’s a pretty standard teen storyline, but one that worked effectively here. Next week’s episode is called “The Breakup”, and it could mean both Rachel and Kurt will be single in New York.

I thought the music left something to be desired this week, but the jokes were dead on. Here are my two favorites:

  • “The only time we’re really in sync is when we’re hate-watching Treme together.” – Blaine
  • Artie: I could be Cheney to your Bush.” Brittany: “I’d rather be the landing strip.”

What did you guys think?

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2 Responses to Glee –, Everybody Move To The Music

  1. Aaron Sirois says:

    I was OK with Kurt getting an internship. After all, it’s just an internship. Nothing too outrageous about that. But the rapidity with which he’s climbed the ranks is a tad much. A couple of episodes of build up would have been nice, rather than instant success.

    This is definitely better than last year, but I’m still not enjoying myself like I used to. It was also weird how certain characters just disappeared this week. Wade, Marlie, Jake, etc. And Shuester continues to rub me the wrong way. He got his Nationals win, so now he’s just bailing? What a guy.

  2. Scott says:

    I actually thought this episode flopped. The strange and close relationship with Kurt and SJP’s character was developed way too fast (the whole ‘oh you broke in to Vogue during your first week – no problem! I was just lonely anyway so let me dance with my new intern’ thing really didn’t sit well with me).

    I found it really annoying that the election this year was about half an episode, whereas last year wasn’t it held months later? Strange.

    Lastly, the only way that I’ll be happy with the Finn-Rachel thing is if he gets one scene next episode where they break up and we never hear from him again.

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