Grey’s Anatomy – Flashbacks

So, what did everyone think of Grey’s Anatomy last night? I have pretty conflicted feelings.

On the one hand, I thought it was a good episode. Even though the jumping around in time confused me a bit, I thought the episode was written well and hit that familiar, sad Grey’s Anatomy sweet spot.

But that’s the problem: familiarity. Having Cristina point out how crazy it is that bad things keep happening to them doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. The characters on this show have experienced too much trauma.

Cristina has PTSD? Well, that’s happened before. Callie’s watching Arizona fight for her life? That’s a role reversal – remember the time Callie almost died in a car accident? And oh yeah, there was the time there was a shooter in the hospital as well. Grey’s does these traumas so well, and they have a tendency to reinvigorate the series. But now it just feels like the show is relying on them. We’ll have a season of watching everyone pick up the pieces – Derek will struggle with his hand, Arizona will find a way to be an amputee and a doctor, Cristina will bail on MAYO and come back to Seattle, etc. And then what? Will the hospital get bombed? A tsunami? What is left?

Grey’s Anatomy is a nighttime soap, and with that comes some about of suspension of disbelief. But it’s getting to be a bit too much to believe. I feel like Grey’s has produced a captivating set of episodes at the expense of the series as a whole. Do you guys agree?

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7 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Flashbacks

  1. Nicole says:

    Being friends with residents, including the chief resident at a local hospital, I guess the trauma is necessary because my BFF said that her job isn’t NEARLY as fascinating,conflicting, or as cut-throat as a Grey’s episode. I get that drama and trauma is necessary, but man, can’t these characters just get their happy? Christina’s been left at the alter, cheated on, and has had PTSD twice! Come on – after they’ve all worked so hard I think at least one of them deserves to have a happy life.

    • Jill says:

      I know, they need to be able to find a way to keep the show interesting and let people be happy for a while.

  2. Veronica says:

    I agree. I think this might be our last season of Grey’s. It’s getting ridiculous. And last night wasn’t even teary sad, it was kill-me-now depressing.

  3. Dana says:

    I am mixed. I did like having them fill in the details more about the crash although not necessarily the details I was looking for, I want to know how they survived out there for a week and how they got rescued. Cristina with PTSD and violence AND being catatonic? I almost feel like the gang just needed a place to eat lunch. There are just too many repeats and too much trauma. And Mark dying after that recovery thing? I mean, the spurt, or whatever they call it happens to terminally ill patients, not people with internal injuries, you either recover or you don’t. The signing of his living will was just way too much Cheese factor with the Chief doing a reverse repeat of last week’s moving speech.

    Not one real medical case either to amp up the drama, only that Stucky, Stewy or whatever they called him, the puke kid.

    Jesus Shonda, either think of something fresh for these docs or give it up.

    • Jill says:

      I had the same thought, I was wondering what they ate and stuff. Cristina filling in some details, like how they had to drink their own pee, was helpful.

      Yeah the surge thing felt like a stretch. I wish they’d explained more what he was dying from. Was it an infection, or exposure, or internal injuries? A combination? They didn’t make that clear.

  4. Jazzy says:

    Totally new to responding to things, but as a Grey’s watcher, my time will be limited to clips. I just don’t buy the plane crash storyline. There is a such thing as fiction that is authentically presented. Now, it’s not believable. Yes, tsunami is next. So, Arizona got her leg cut off three months after or two months after….Mark’s dying in the second episode was less effective ’cause we saw it the week before. As unbelievable as the episodes are and disjointed…they do have good actors–most of them that is. While most of us figured she would lose the leg, I think this Arizona story could have been good, and Jessica Capshaw is playing it beautifully, but the story isn’t well written or articulated to the viewer, i.e. Why did a pediatric surgeon cut off her leg, the wife continued to work on Shepherd’s hand after finding out her wife was dying—I don’t think I could have kept operating if it were my spouse (if my spouse is dying, I am going to be as close to them as I can get). Effective story telling would show the reactions that the plane went down, and the days that passed by….that would have been incredible. Then the reunion to all once rescued. But, I digress, so now again PTSD for Christina–repeat, been there, done that. Derek comes out golden–been there, done that. I think this is a mess of a catastrophe to try to get psa’s delivered–this season it’s diabled people, PTSD (again), overcoming tragedy. It’s just bad, why not stick to medical cases with patients. It’s a contrived storytelling–all stories are, but these feel contrived and disingenuous.
    My favorites are Arizona, and Callie, Christina and Alex–and they make the subpar storylines, look good thanks to their talents. The actors keep me coming back, but not anymore…I seek out clips or posts on YouTube or on the internet to stay up on my favorites–well that starts next week when ep. 3 is supposed to air. I don’t like the direction, but I don’t matter. This should be the last season as they are like bad soaps. Time for the show to end, unfortunately.


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