Revenge – Thanksgiving Flashbacks

Emily circa 2006

We had a very Revengey Thanksgiving this weekend, with an episode taking place way back in 2006 (plus bonus flashbacks). Emily was discovering Ashley in Russia, Victoria’s trashy mother was in town, Daniel was entertaining dreams of being a writer, and Nolan was celebrating the success of his company.

Flashback episodes can feel like cop-outs, but Revenge has such a rich back story that I always kind of relish getting to know more about the characters. This episode wasn’t exciting in how it moved the plot forward, but I really liked learning more about where all the characters were a few years ago.

Emily was still under Takeda’s thumb, working on his mission as well as setting her own plan into place. There she helped Aiden, who was avenging the kidnapping of his sister. She’s the one who got him involved with Takeda, and there’s more of a connection between their two revenge plots than we originally knew. I think this episode did a good job of adding some weight to that relationship.

Nolan‘s company had just gone public, and his CFO/lover found out that a lot of money had gone missing. It was sweet to see Nolan so in love with Marco, but what is it with this guy and his CFOs? The money was for Emily, and of course his CFO didn’t understand the importance of helping David Clarke’s daughter, and their affair was over. This wouldn’t have seemed important without that phone call from Daniel Grayson at the end of the episode.

Jack‘s dad was caught up in some nasty business, which obviously has to do with Kenny, the guy who bought the bar. But it’s still just not very interesting. Jack is only useful when he has direct ties to Emily’s revenge plot, like when he was suspected of killing Tyler or through his relationship with Amanda. I don’t care that this random guy thinks Jack’s dad killed his father. (He didn’t, but he was there.)

Victoria‘s mother visited her with her new lover, and Victoria outed their ugly history together. Her mother had been jealous of teenage Victoria, manipulated her into murder and chose a pedophile over her own daughter. No wonder Queen V turned out so twisted.

The episode was a success because everything tied into the present day. Emily and Aiden are together, Daniel is contacting Nolan’s ex(CFO) Marco, and Conrad wondering if, hey, maybe he should have just let Daniel follow his dream of becoming a poet.

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3 Responses to Revenge – Thanksgiving Flashbacks

  1. lifeofmytime says:

    I also enjoy that, even though they didn’t actually meet in the episode, it only makes sense that Ashley and Aiden did in fact know each other. They were in the same bar at the same time, after all.

  2. kristaspurr says:

    Daniel as a poet makes me laugh. We have been given no reason to believe he’s any deeper than Kellan Lutz.

  3. Dana says:

    I like learning backstory too, so I like when they do flashbacks. I don’t really buy Daniel wanting to be a poet either, it’s just too over the top, he is always so wooden.

    Certainly Victoria’s mom is way more interesting than Amanda’s and it was nice to have a Fauxmanda free episode too. I agree with you that Jack is only interesting in his ties to Emily and this bar thing didn’t make it any more interesting. And I am nitpicking here but geez, we’re supposed to really believe it’s a bar when they screw off the lids of the bottles to make drinks instead of having pourers in the bottles? Come on props department. I am also not all that interested in Aiden. But okay.

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