Dexter – Hannah and her father

dexterHannah McKay doesn’t seem like the forgiving type. So when her former neglecting, gambling-addicted father showed up, now on the straight and narrow, I knew her sweet demeanor had to be an act. Of course, the old man wasn’t innocent himself – he was there to hit up his daughter for money. Still, I had a feeling Hannah was planning something more for her dad. But I was wrong.

At first I thought Hannah had been planning to kill her dad the whole time. But as her father became more and more horrible, I realized that wasn’t the case. Hannah wasn’t stronger than her lunatic dad. In fact, it seems like he was the only person Hannah wouldn’t kill.

The result was much more interesting than Hannah killing her father. Dexter broke his code. He killed Hannah’s father, against her wishes. Hannah’s life wasn’t even in danger. This is a very interesting development. As Dexter departs from his code, will we begin to root for him to get caught? Speaking of which…

LaGuerta has narrowed in on Dexter as a suspect for the real Bay Harbor Butcher, but Matthews isn’t so sure. Still, with all the information about Dexter’s past that Matthews revealed to LaGuerta, she’s now quite sure that Dexter is the right answer. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I want her to catch him. After all, Dexter’s demise is the only real way the show can end.

Stray thoughts:

  • Ugh, Quinn and Nadia. I’m so over them. I can’t believe how he’s gotten Batista tangled up in this whole ugly mess.
  • Hannah’s dad called in a tip before Dexter killed him – so she still might go down for murder.
  • As I said, I think Dexter getting caught is the only way the show can end. But there is still one more season next year – what will that look like? Dexter on the run? Dexter on trial? Or Dexter, still doing his thing?

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7 Responses to Dexter – Hannah and her father

  1. ericathrone says:

    Great episode! The unravelling begins… I’m looking forward to it.

    Agreed about the end. He should die. The only true ending is death, whether it’s Dexter or not. I’m sweet on the idea of another, “righteous” serial killer taking him out. Though a Six Feet Under-type ending would also fill me with glee, if it were handled well. Just imagine! “And he died, surrounded by his children, friends, and loved ones, respected yet feared. The end.” Could the greatest killer get away and live out his life? Honestly, I doubt it myself. An execution, with classic Michael C. Hall voice over, would be powerful.

  2. Bud says:

    They did the whole Hannah-and-her-Dad thing very well, I thought. Dexter saw through him right away – he only showed up to scam his daughter for money. And it’s hard to break long-running family dynamics. She may actually come to resent Dexter taking out her father. I say this only because I can envision a final episode with her trying to “out-Dexter” Dexter and have him on the table, with Deb showing up in the nick of time to save him. Then they can pin the Bay Harbor Butcher thing on her and her dead ex. This will postpone La Guerta’s suspicions for a while, so it can be the focus next season. That’s a very hokey scenario, but I chalk it up to the last two seasons being so bad. Normally, I wouldn’t envision something like that. We do know that there will be some surprise twist at the end, but they will never top the finale of the Trinity season. It would be cool if they could!

    And Quinn “just when I thought I was out of it, they pull me back in” – yes I’m sick of it too. Aren’t we all?

  3. JennyS says:

    I absolutely love the Hannah/Dexter storyline and was very moved by Hannah’s break down in the nursery. The nursery represents Hannah’s desperate attempt at a normal life, and her father destroyed that. Yvonne Strahovski, who was fantastic on Chuck, has been remarkable in this role.

  4. Dana says:

    Not even wasting text on Quinn. Just find a way to make it go away. Great episode otherwise!

    LaGuerta is really closing in on Dexter now, it’s just too many coincidences and I don’t see how they can stretch that out another season unless Dexter can find another Bay Harbor Butcher. You never know but I think Hannah seems unlikely. She always kills with poison. Plus, I know it is tv and all but still they would have to actually match her or someone else to the crimes, a boat, etc. It just seems too far fetched that they could pull someone else out.

    I don’t know how it will end this season yet, the penultimate episode always has mega surprises.

    • ericathrone says:

      Ha. Another Bay Harbour Butcher? That’s easy. LOUISE. He worked for Miami Metro, he was making a game from a serial killer’s perspective, he mysteriously disappeared (conveniently killed by Isaak which only Dexter knows). He wouldn’t have been on LaGuerta’s list (and thus her radar) because he was only an intern so it would at least surprise her. All Dexter needs to do is plant some evidence and reveal the theft of the mannequin hand and Louise’s purchase.

      Okay, so if they end up doing this, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep watching it to the end. Is this just too obvious, even for this season of Dexter?

      • Jill says:

        Wow, I never thought of that – I actually think that would have been a pretty awesome twist! But luckily for you, it seems they’ve headed in a different direction.

  5. Juan says:

    I love Dexter, but have to admit that there’s something stupid about the plot. Dexter killed Hannah’s father and now he reproaches Hannah for trying to kill his sister? Come on, Dexter destroyed Hannah’s life! He killed her father and put her into jail o_O

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