Quick thought on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

665360_10152354599515647_1977804520_oI haven’t loved the show this season by any means, but I actually don’t mind the new interns. Tina Majorino (Mack from Veronica Mars!), Gaius Charles (Smash Williams from Friday Night Lights!), the pretty “princess” and the one that Yang calls “Grumpy” are my favorites.


That’s really all I have to say on the show. It’s past its prime, it’s no longer priority viewing…but after a long day when I’m tired and want to relax, I like having it on my DVR. Are you guys still watching?

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2 Responses to Quick thought on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

  1. Scott says:

    I’m definitely still watching! Haha it’s still one of my favourite shows behind Survivor and The Good Wife. I really enjoyed seeing April in a non-jesus focused storyline this week, it’s been way too long.

    I think I’ll always be a fan of Grey’s because it makes you so invested in the characters even in a short amount of time. What about that scene with Christina and Dr. Thomas talking about publishing – that had me in tears so fast and we’d barely even met him. I’m enjoying the new interns, especially Grumpy and Brooks (Brooks especially has had really good material – the chair and then Derek’s sisters were great storylines imo) just because they add a freshness to the show. I never watched Veronica Mars so I remember her from Alice in Wonderland, ahh.

    What Grey’s does well is progressing it’s characters; unlike other shows (like HIMYM), all of the characters have grown up and I do enjoy following them.

  2. Dana says:

    I am watching but most of the time I am bored. I don’t mind the new interns either, but the show is very stale. The only episode I really liked so far was the one about Christina and Meredith. It should end.

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