Revenge – Sharpied!

EMILY VANCAMP, BARRY SLOANEUnfortunately, season two of Revenge hasn’t been the tightly written thrill ride that the first season was. I hear some of you are very into Scandal as a soapy replacement, and I might try to check that out eventually. But for now, I’m still sticking with Emily Thorne and her mission of vengeance.

MICHAEL TRUCCO, CHRISTA B. ALLEN, CONNOR PAOLO, JR BOURNE, NICK WECHSLERThere have been a few issues with the plots this season, but my biggest beef is Jack’s storyline. The bar is a drug front now? Who cares? No one. Jack is only interesting because of his relationships with Emily and Amanda. This subplot is too off on its own, completely detached from the reason we all watch the show. I guess the idea of Jack being in prison is a bit of a twist, but

In general, things have gotten too sprawling. The drama of Grayson Global, while attached in some way to Emily’s plan, isn’t particularly interesting.

What saved this episode was the fact that we finally got to see Ems exact some revenge again, with that red Sharpie of hers. A judge who’d been important in her father’s trial, and the mystery surrounding him and his wife was thick enough to keep my interest. This was a classic revenging – I mean, it’s always better when it’s public, right?

This episode wasn’t the best, but it was enough to get me at least a little excited about the show again. What’d y’all think?

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  1. kristaspurr says:

    I’m with you, I couldn’t care less about the Barnacle drug plot (or whatever that place is called), it makes the rest of the storytelling too messy for my taste. It’s gotten murky enough with the Americon business. Unless they can tie the drug-running to that, I’ll pass. After the 15-minute point, I just flipped to Downton every time they were in the bar.

    It occurred to me last night the idea that Daniel is a complete idiot drives me crazy. He can’t be the dumbest guy in the room, it strains credibility just too far.

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