Revenge – Million Dollar Wine, Lots of Cheese

Revenge hasn’t ever reached the same levels of juicy, well-crafted drama this season than it did in season one, and I’m rapidly losing interest in the show. There are so many things going on that I don’t care enough about. In the minor leagues, that’s Jack and the bar. In the major leagues, it’s the unfocused battle against Helen and the Initiative.

There was also an incredibly unsurprising “twist” that Nolan’s lover Padma is working for  Helen. I’d be shocked if anyone didn’t see this coming. Unfortunately, her character was so bland and pointless that the only reason for her presence could be to betray Nolan.

I do like the idea of Conrad running for office, because his rise to power again could refocus Emily’s mission on taking down the Graysons.

The scenes with Emily and Victoria, as always, worked well. I need more of that on the regular in order to stay invested in this show. How do you guys feel about the season now that we’re in the latter half?

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m still hanging in, but I’m loosing interest with each passing week, I’m hoping the writers will get it together soon. I don’t care about the drugs and the bar, I mean restaurants close all the time, sure it sucks, but sell it, open up another one and get on with you life. Also I agree with you, the initiative is super dull. I’m really disappointed in the character of Padma, I enjoyed the actress when she was on Greek, but in this role it’s dullsville. The only positive thing I could say about this episode is that Daniel was really working his suits, I haven’t normally been attracted to the actor, but I thought he was looking really good last night.

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