Remember when ‘Revenge’ was fun?

It’s Tuesday. Revenge aired on Sunday. And I’m just getting around to it. That’s how bored I’ve gotten of this show. I actually had trouble paying attention to what was going on for most of this week’s episode, and that was with Aiden pointing a sniper at Victoria’s head half the time.

The problems remain the same.

a) There are too many storylines we don’t care about. (Hi, Jack and Declan!)
b) The Initiative is too vague a villain. When Emily was working to take down the Graysons, it was immediate and therefore juicy. This is shadowy and satisfaction feels too far away.
c) Nolan has been too secluded from Emily this season. I’m glad he finally figured Padma out, but I miss when he and Ems were a team.

How are you guys feeling about the show this season? Are you still watching?

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2 Responses to Remember when ‘Revenge’ was fun?

  1. Gerard says:

    Yeah, I’m two episodes behind. I totally agree, especially about Jack. Jack’s moved so far away from Emily now that I don’t *want* to see them ever come toward rekindling their relationship. I just can’t see how that would play out without getting incredibly messy. So ditching Jack would make sense.

    But I’m actually two weeks behind now, so I guess it hasn’t improved? I’d hoped that Deception would be a worthy challenger, but it seems deadly dull and not as playful as Revenge (used to be).

  2. Dana says:

    I have never watched since Revenge resumed after Christmas. I wasn’t hating it totally then but I guess I am not interested enough to keep watching. Somewhere last year I mentioned to you that I thought this show had longevity issues, that it would be tough to keep it exciting beyond one season. Unfortunately that seems to be the case. I might power watch it after the season is over depending on what I read about it, otherwise, happy to have had one great season. Those are the breaks sometimes!

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