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Lost Boys

We’re more than halfway through season two of Girls, and I think it’s been an outstanding season. It helps that the season has been pretty light on Jessa (one of my least favorite characters, while more heavily featuring Ray, a guy I’ve always liked. Yes, the show is called “Girls”, but this is not Sex and the City. The show is all about Hannah, and the people in her life. In fact, this episode was titled “Boys”.

Marnie has had a rough season, and seeing how awkward and strained things have gotten between her and Hannah was a little heartbreaking. I think most people have been there – sometimes things just don’t feel right between two people, even if they’re best friends. Hannah was excited about her e-book deal, and however ridiculous it might be, she had a right to be happy. (I *loved* the moment when she threw up outside the cafe.) Hannah also couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell Marnie that she really had no idea how to start writing a book, and was struggling. Marnie is too wrapped up in her own misery to care, and can’t even bring herself to tell Hannah how bad things are going for her. You could feel the heartbreak coming – artist boy is not her boyfriend, and he pointed out some pretty serious flaws in Marnie’s attitude about him – but that didn’t make it any less tragic.

Meanwhile, we got to see Ray and Adam spend some time together, and the results were bizarrely magical. Ray clearly doesn’t think much of Hannah. He acknowledges the enjoyable parts of her personality – she’s smart, funny, engaging, etc. – but he’s also seen what a mess she can be. He hadn’t really seen that yet from Adam, and you could tell he was trying to figure out why Adam was so obsessed with Hannah. Eventually, he saw how Adam is five times as messed up as Hannah.

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  1. Dana says:

    The critics are mixed but I liked Ray and Adam together in this. I also liked that this is the first episode that Hannah’s tits haven’t played a supporting role, it’s great that she is challenging body styles and all, but seriously they needed to be listed in the credits. I think that phone call at the end, the one between Marnie and Hannah where each of them lie to the other is interesting and highly relatable. Kind of like where if you tell even your best friend the truth that you’ll drown in all the shit you are feeling, so you say you’re fine. Who hasn’t had that conversation a bunch of times? How about that dress Marnie wore. What was that? Lame covered with plastic? And I hope we are done with Booth Jonathan because his name and his character are irritating.

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