Revenge – Oh, Mandy

This week’s episode of Revenge was a doozy, so if you’ve seen it (obvious spoiler alert) click through for a brief recap.

revengeViewers have generally all had the same complaints about this season – it’s been scattered, unfocused, the Stowaway plot was stupid and the villains were too vague. “Sacrifice” felt like the grand correction to all that. It wrapped up the weak storyline at Jack’s bar and refocused on the Graysons as the main villains and Emily’s targets.

Poor Amanda. I didn’t always like her, but the girl did grow on me. She paid the ultimate sacrifice for her friendship with Emily. She got sucked in so deep that she threatened the Graysons herself (over the deal with Jack’s bar, but using some of Em’s security camera footage) and made herself a target. I had a feeling all season that she’d be the one to go down with “The Amanda”, so this episode wasn’t a surprise, but it was a sad one.

Had Amanda’s death been the doing of Nate, I wouldn’t have cared. But the Graysons were involved, which should refocus Emily on taking them down. Revenge still needs to be shaken up, I think, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the bomb dropped that Emily is actually Amanda Clark sooner rather than later.

Amanda’s death is the most serious consequence of Emily’s quest for vengeance so far, and Emily Van Camp really sold that despair as she sobbed in the dinghy.

I don’t think this episode completely corrected everything – Daniel is still too weak-willed to be a compelling character, and framing Amanda for the murder of the woman from The Initiative is a perfect example of that. But I do hope it was a step in the right direction.

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2 Responses to Revenge – Oh, Mandy

  1. Vanessa says:

    I enjoyed this episode more than I was expecting, even though I figured Emanda was a goner, I agree that Emily Van Camp rocked the final scenes, she brought some of the vulnerability, reminding me of how much I enjoyed her performance on Everwood. Hopefully the rest of the reason will sort itself out. I will say though, it was really bugging me that everyone was talking about how blisteringly hot it was outside, yet Emily is in jeans and a (what looked to be cashmere) sweater and Nolan had a wool vest on!

  2. Jessica says:

    I thought this was a great epsiode because it really showcased dimension to Emily’s character. Emily Van Camp at the end was so believable and real as she clutched Amanda. I like that they are showing more of her emotion–it really balances with her contrived coldness and vengeance. I agree, they do need something in the mix, but I still love this show and look forward to watching it.

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