Girls – Daddy Issues

jessaI haven’t been the biggest fan of Jessa, but only in personality. I would hate her. As a character on a TV show, I find that incredibly unlikability interesting. This season, Jessa has sort of taken a backseat but has become even more interesting because of the emotional tailspin she’s in. I liked this episode because it really illustrated the intense differences between Jessa and Hannah.

This was another strange, one-off episode similar to Hannah’s brownstone sexcapade (FYI, I wrote that word before Jessa and Hannah said it in the episode, so I’m leaving it in!), Ray and Adam’s trip to Staten Island. Jessa is one troubled human, and getting further glimpses into her psyche is interesting. She’s a polar opposite of Hannah in so many ways – impulsive, free-spirited, with a tough outer shell. They’re both incredibly self-involved, but Hannah’s comes from neuroses and Jessa’s from a bizarre, damaging upbringing. Jessa sobbing “I’m the child” to her father was sad and revealing.

Hannah, meanwhile, slept with a very weird person. A big difference from Patrick Wilson. And she did it, it seemed, because she thought Jessa was doing the same thing. Because she was freaked out by her surroundings and sex with weird people is familiar? I’m not sure.

Jessa’s dad ended up leaving them at a grocery store, because it’s the sort of thing he does. Sweet, properly-raised Hannah asked “Do you want to call his cell phone?” and then freaked out about her UTI.

My only complaint about the episode was that the final phone call between Hannah and her parents was too heavy-handed in driving the whole point home, and I think usually this show has more subtlety. What did you guys think?

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  1. erikabatista says:

    I totally agree with your last statement. I felt no sympathy for Hannah when her mom hung up on her, probably because of the way this scene was delivered. On the other hand, when Jessa said “I’m the child” it almost made me tear up even though my upbringing ressembles Hanna’s the most.

    All of my friends are equally disappointed with this season, mostly because the show’s tone has become darker and too focused on Hannah. Truth is I’m disliking her character more and more with every episode. How could she not see that her friend was obviously going through some major stuff with her dad and not even ask about it? She seemed totally oblivious to Jessa’s feelings in the scene when they were lying in bed. I don’t even get why they’re all friends.

    I read your article about the hype surrounding a show. It was really a great piece and I think that is the problem with this show for me. I should probably forget the expectations it didn’t live up to and just accept it for what it is.

  2. angelia says:

    Season 2 is leaving me disappointed. I enjoy everyone intertwining much more than pulling individuals out for an entire episode. And one thing is still bothering me. Maybe the second or so episode of season 2, at the very end…didnt Hannah cut off all her hair while watching a youtube tutorial?? Did I miss something or make this up?
    I absolutely looooved season 1. And there are still moments, and I do understand exploring the complexities of their backstories, etc, but things need to get better and quick.

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