Funny Friday – A (Brief) Sitcom Roundup

I spent Thursday night volunteering at an event for the local HIV/AIDS charity, so this week’s Funny Friday is a quick one. Click through for some thoughts on How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Cougar Town and Community.

I was disappointed in HIMYM this week, because the characters have become something I don’t recognize. Barney was just misogynistic, not funny at all. I pitied Robin’s character, someone who is supposed to be sassy and tough. I’m glad this show only has one more season, because I can’t say I enjoy watching it anymore.

I was disappointed again in Community, and sadly I think this show has lost its sense of humor so much that I barely pay attention to the episodes anymore. Cougar Town was funnier, though still not my favorite episode – is it just me, or is the show relying more on hitting uncomfortable notes in Ellie and Andy’s marriage than it used to? The birds, dodgeball and religious jokes were funny, though.

I adored New Girl this week, and I’m so happy with how the Nick and Jess relationship has played out. It hasn’t been prolonged for the sake of created fake sexual tension. The characters are as confused about their feelings as you’d expect them to be, but still attracted to one another and, now, acting upon it. Zooey Deschanel has been very funny in the past few episodes, and got to do some fun physical comedy in this episode that I really liked.

The Mindy Project was also a delight this week. I felt like Mindy’s friends were pretty clearly in the wrong with the birthday stuff, and seeing her as a bit misunderstood worked for that character. Sure, she can be a bit of a romantic mess. But she’s a doctor, she’s a grown woman. She doesn’t need people telling her to microwave dinners for one or to work out more often. I still question Beverly as a character, but even those scenes made me laugh.

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One Response to Funny Friday – A (Brief) Sitcom Roundup

  1. lifeofmytime says:

    I feel the same on all counts. Having recently binge-watched HIMYM from the beginning again, I have a bit more respect for the show and where it’s headed than I previously did, but this episode was plain terrible. I didn’t enjoy watching any part of it. I thought I’d at least get a kick out of the Downton Abbey nod, but nope.

    Community is so disappointing. It’s not even funny anymore. It’s definitely not the sharp and witty show I loved. They’re really going after character growth this season, and in the process they’re losing everything that made this show work. The dysfunction is kind of essential. I’m not against a little character growth from time to time, but not if it makes the character less funny and less compelling. The Dean’s outrageousness was one of my favourite things about this show, and while he was certainly creating an outrageous situation in the ep, he just wasn’t his outrageous self. At all. I also found the end scene with Troy and Britta jarring. I’d kind of forgotten they were even together.

    New Girl is completely rocking this season – I am so happy with how they are handling the Nick and Jess storyline.

    And this week’s Mindy Project must have aired out of order, which explains why Beverly showed up out of nowehere as the receptionist in the last episode. At least now we have some explanation, but I agree – I think she’s an unnecessary character. I feel like they’re still fumbling around a bit too much with the cast, but I’m loving this show regardless.

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