Funny Friday – A Sitcom Roundup

funny fridayThis week:

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Community
  • Parks and Recreation

How I Met Your Mother – “Romeward Bound”
Sometimes I think I should stop reviewing HIMYM, since I’m just bitter-ending this show until it wraps up anyway. I didn’t love any of the storylines in this episode. I’m so over the Barney-Robin-Ted stuff that the tension over whether Ted or Barney really knows Robin best just annoyed me, when it could have been an interesting dynamic among three characters. And the wishy-washy storyline of whether Lily and Marshall would move to Rome just bothered me, and I thought the dream sequences were dumb. I sound like a Grumpy McGrumperstein here, so I’ll just stop writing.

Community – “Intro to Knots”
I’m not big on Chang or “Changnesia”, so while I enjoyed some of the dynamics of the group in this episode, the overall story rubbed me the wrong way. Specifically, that menacing phone call toward the end. I recently re-watched the alternate timelines episode, and the end tag of what’s happening in the darkest timeline just reminded of what the show used to be. It felt, like most of this season has, like the writers trying to remind us of a thing we used to like rather than creating something new.

Parks and Recreation – “Article Two” and “Jerry’s Retirement”
A double dose of Parks was just what my Thursday needed. The first episode provided multiple delights, including the much buzzed-about appearance from Patton Oswald. I also loved April’s ploy to pit Chris and Ron against one another, and Ben and Ann bonding over Leslie’s crazy holidays. The second episode focused on Jerry’s retirement, so of course it was hilarious. “MAC AND CHEESE PIZZA? YOU’RE MAKING THAT?” And tomorrow I will make it. The quest for the new Jerry and Tom’s horror at filling the role so quickly, was hilarious. As for Leslie’s send-off for Jerry, I’ve always loved the juxtaposition of Parks Dept. Jerry and Jerry as a family man. The result was Leslie telling Ben that she wants to talk about starting a family. Awwww!
Best moment: “He hasn’t gotten an email in…TWELVE DAYS? Is he a ghost?”

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2 Responses to Funny Friday – A Sitcom Roundup

  1. Kristin B says:

    Ugh, yes. I’m SO over HIMYM. I feel like they secretly knew I was planning on giving up on this show months ago when they swooped in with their, “oh hey, one more season, guys!!!” And after all this time invested in the show, I feel like I *need* to watch to know what happens. Ugh ugh ugh. This show is just sooo tired and not funny now. Tell me who the frickin’ mother is, and get out.

    I haven’t seen Community & Parks yet, so I’m over and out for now. :)

  2. Wayne says:

    Same here re: HIMYM. I’m just watching now because I’ve been watching from the beginning and there is a definite endpoint coming. I’ve liked some episodes this season, but mostly I find them forgettable.

    Re: Parks & Recreation: Did you see the deleted scene of Patton Oswalt filibustering the town council? He goes on unscripted and improvising for about 8 minutes straight. It’s pretty amazing, and kind of funny if you’re a Star Wars and Avengers fan.

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