The Amazing Race – Go Nuts for Donuts

tar23I was chatting with my mom today about how boring this season of The Amazing Race has been. Why is that? Are the challenges too easy? The casting too boring? Has this series just run its course? Maybe some combination of the three, but we’re both longtime fans who’ve never missed an episode, yet this season just isn’t holding our interest.

This week, the teams traveled to Poland via a 32 hour boat ride. Brutal. Because checking in with Phil wasn’t an official pit stop, no one was eliminated and all the teams got on the boat.

Pose or Polka

tar statues

Strike a pose!

The Detour was the choice between posing as statues or learning a dance. In “Pose” teams had to raise money, which can be hard, but seemed easier than nailing choreography.

tar dancing


The baseball wives finished the statue challenge quickly, but when the bearded guys tried it they didn’t earn near as much money. They blamed their differing physiques, and switched tasks.

Jason and Amy killed the dancing, but the ER doctors and the boys really stunk. I can see Jason and Amy finishing in the final three, they’re pretty strong. A Double U-Turn awaited teams who finished the Detour.

Tim and Marie fell way behind due to a cab mishap, and used their Express Pass to skip the whole thing.

The bros U-Turned the Afghanimals, and in turn they U-Turned the bearded guys. It was a shame, since poor Duck Dynasty had already bailed on the statue challenge. They finished the dance last, and the Afghanimals had finished the statue challenge by the time they event arrived. It was pretty clear they’d be last.

Who’s Got a Sweet Tooth?

In the Roadblock, one teammate had to search a huge apartment building for the right donut – biting into one in each apartment until they found one with the right filling. They had to be polite, too, which I knew would be a struggle for the pink-haired girl.

I loved when Travis hit all the elevator buttons when he took the stairs, while one of the baseball wives took the elevator. It was a great way to slow down the competition without being too malicious. But later, he helped Amy and Marie find the right donuts. He should’ve just taken off! I hate when teams work together.

Tim and Marie, Jason and Amy, and Travis and Nicole finished first through third, all together – though awful Tim and Marie were officially first and won a trip to Hawaii. Jerks.

The baseball wives came fourth and the bros fifth. When the Afghanimals arrived at the Roadblock, the ice queens were still there and I knew they’d work together.They found the right donuts together and moved on to the pit stop before Duck Dynasty had even arrived. The Afghanimals even beat the girls, arriving sixth instead of seventh. This is why you don’t help other teams!

I’m bummed that the bearded guys are eliminated. They seemed nice, and like they had potential to do well. There are so many teams left that I don’t like. Who are you rooting for?

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4 Responses to The Amazing Race – Go Nuts for Donuts

  1. Aaron Sirois says:

    Gah. It annoys me that they had a leg that meant nothing. And then to have my favorite team bumped out by the likes of Leo and Jamal…. sigh.

  2. Alex says:

    “I’m gonna have a panic attack. I’m gonna have a heart attack, and a panic attack and I’m gonna throw up and pass out, at the same time. ” That plus the look Tim gave her was the best thing ever. :D

    As for why this season is boring, I think it’s a combination of the challenges being easy and uninteresting (which has sort of been a recurring theme in the past few seasons) and the teams being quite… generic and bland. I don’t know why that is, but I really, really believe a lot could be fixed if the casting people did a better job.

  3. says:

    I think it’s the challenges… way too easy. Most challenges take 5-10 minutes, max.

    How is that amazing? Last week, teams had to pull a rock with a Ford? PULL A ROCK! A little rock that you could just push. Sigh.

    The week before, it seemed the challenge was the flights. Because it kinda was.

  4. Davide Maistrello says:

    I have two problems with this season of TAR: the challenges (everyone of which has been extremely easy, save for the fish detour in Norway) and the teams, which I still find difficult to get attached to. I don’t like the ice queens, I don’t like the baseball wives, I obviously don’t like Tim and Marie. I liked the Oklahoma guys, but they have been depicted as absolute jerks this week. The Afghanimals are weak and kind of stupid, and the doctors are too cheesy. The only rootable team left in the race is Jason and Amy, who have got very little screen time compared to the others.

    I’m kinda sad that Brandon and Adam were eliminated as they seemed to be generally nice lads, but then again nobody asked them to switch Detours, and it was an idiotic move to do so in a leg with a Double U-Turn (most of the time, teams U-Turn who they know they have behind rather than stiff competition, and they must have figured they would be at the back of the pack if they switched)

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