Survivor – Deconstruction

tribeWow! Has this season been filled with questionable blindside votes, or what? This cast has featured a few strong players, but I think they’re getting bamboozled by silly decisions made by loose cannons. First Kass, and now Tony.

The drama began right when everyone got challengeback from camp, and Tony was pissed about the vote. Hey guy! You didn’t get voted out. In fact, you’re kind of running the majority alliance. So cool your jets. Did Tony think that Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah should have approached him to suggest voting out Morgan? Did I understand that correctly? Because that’s ridiculous.

That conflict made the result of the Reward Challenge all the better – Tony, Spencer and Jeremiah got to spend a spa day together. They chatted strategy, and Tony told them he might need them for a future vote. Back at camp, LJ, Jefra and Trish discussed keeping Tony calm until they didn’t need him anymore and going to the final three together.

I like Tasha as a player, but the way she approached LJ to talk strategy was a little odd. She gave him no incentive to want to talk to her  – how could she have swung him? At the time, he was sitting pretty in the majority alliance. He stood her up, because meeting with her would have made Tony suspicious. Poor LJ – sometimes you just can’t win.

The Immunity Challenge was a memory game, which Tasha won. The true brain from the Brains tribe!

With that, the plan was put in place to split votes between Spencer and Jeremiah. That would protect the majority alliance from someone playing a Hidden Immunity Idol. Easy peasy, right? It was the obvious move – Spencer and Jeremiah are both big threats for the end of the game, and good in challenges. It would make sense for everyone to want them out.

Tony doesn’t care about what makes sense.

Tony cares about feeling like he controls the game. He cares about making big moves, whether they’re the right ones or not. He cares about moving a hundred miles per hour. I like that the guy loves to play Survivor, but he doesn’t know how to be patient. So instead of sitting back, getting rid of Spencer and Jeremiah, and then targeting LJ, he did it now. And he did it sloppily.

tony and wooTony decided that he’d convince everyone that LJ wanted Woo out. He didn’t need that story to get Tasha, Spencer and Jeremiah on board with the vote – all they care about is spending another three days in the game. Their four votes would have been enough to vote out LJ, because the other votes were split. But Tony used his story to get Woo (who proved himself, like Sarah, to be very lj 3gullible) on board with voting out LJ. Then Tony approached Trish.

Trish is savvier than Woo. She didn’t want to stray from the plan for the final six. She didn’t fully believe Tony – only the day before, LJ had been worried that Tony wanted Woo out. Why would he say that if HE was the one who wanted Woo out? Trish’s only problem was that she didn’t think Tony would make the move. She should have alerted the rest of her alliance that Tony was going to flip. But the guy is such a wildcard, it was hard to know what he was going to do.

After the votes were cast, Spencer did not play his HII. I was worried, guys! I have him in the office pool and didn’t want to see him voted out. (My mom has Jeremiah, so I feared for both of us.) But Spencer didn’t need it! Tony and Woo both flipped, and LJ was voted out.

It’s too bad. I don’t know think it was Tony or Woo’s best move, so it was disappointing to see a great player like LJ ousted in such a way. If Tony makes it to the final three, who will vote for him? I think most players would beat him now.

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3 Responses to Survivor – Deconstruction

  1. Scott says:

    I wouldn’t call LJ a great player at all. I don’t think he made a single move this season apart from giving Tony his idol, and that was stupid. LJ has annoyed me since the first episode so I’m happy to see him go.

    Like I posted on your last recap, I don’t think that Kass made a stupid move, as it seems (from Sarah’s exit interviews and comments in-game) that she was falling to the bottom of the first 6 quite quickly. At least with this 6 she had the brawn vs. beauty dynamic, so she had a better chance of becoming part of a top-3 alliance than with the blended group she merged with.

    I also don’t think Tony made a stupid move. The key to survivor is voting out threats before they come after you. The way Tony has been playing means that people will come after him soon, so why not get out LJ (who was 100% a threat to win at the end because he’s likeable/hasn’t made any moves or enemies) whilst he has the votes? I doubt Tony could get the votes against LJ at the top 6, the best he could get would probably be to draw rocks. Plus, by striking now he makes sure that wildcards like Kass don’t have a chance to make other plans, because I’d be surprised if she doesn’t make a move at 7.

    Also I totally understand why Tony tried that silly story. Sure he could’ve flipped to vote out LJ 4-3-2, but then he’s flipped on his alliance and he’d be hated even more. Now at least Woo flipped with him, and Trish knows the reason (albeit a lie) why Tony flipped, so he has a much greater chance of going forwards with his original group.

    Loving this season so far (& your recaps as always), and I’m still supporting Kass and Tasha 100%. I think Jefra/Jeremiah/Woo are the only ones with no chance of winning. Trish and Kass could depending on who they go with and how they approach the jury. I still think Tony would beat anyone apart from Spencer/maybe Tasha at this stage. The jury don’t seem bitter so far apart from with Kass.

  2. Cheryl says:

    This is why I like all new players. Returning players follow the same game plan, but these newbies haven’t read the playbook. This unpredictability is what keeps me entertained.

  3. Mum says:

    Tony drives me nuts with his exaggerated sense of paranoia. He’s in crisis mode ALL THE TIME. He’s constantly putting out fires that don’t even exist. Slow down and take a breath brother. You don’t need to be on 11 all the time. The only votes you got at tribal we’re from the minority alliance not internal.
    I think the most under rated player this season might be Trish. She seems to think things through before she acts and is not buying everything that Tony’s selling without at least questioning it for a second or two. I hope she can mount some kind of coup and get Tony out before it’s too late. Although at the rate he’s going he probably would have a Russell Hantz issue at the final tribal whereby he thinks he’s outplayed everyone but nobody will reward him for it cause his social game sucked. For example what is the purpose of the “I’m in construction, Jeff” lie at this point?

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