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Ciao! I’m going on vacation.

Hey, Couchtime readers! After taking the summer off, I’ll be extending my blogging hiatus for a few more weeks while I go on my honeymoon in Italy. This summer, I mainlined the entire series of The Good Wife and caught … Continue reading

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My Big Day Downtown at Inkwell Boutique

Hi everyone! I’m taking a break from my summer blogging hiatus for something fun – the fifth annual Downtown Halifax Big Day Downtown. I’ve been very lucky to get to participate in this event every year. The Downtown Halifax Business … Continue reading

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Orphan Black: “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things”

Wow! Big episode of Orphan Black this weekend. I know I say it every time I check in on this show on the blog, but man oh man – Orphan Black is one of the most exciting shows on TV … Continue reading

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Double the drama: Recapping TWO episodes of The Bachelorette

I watch them so you don’t have to, right? The Bachelorette was on for two hours on Sunday night AND two hours on Monday night this week. I’ve been catching up on DVR because, well, we don’t get that many … Continue reading

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The Bachelorette – Horsing Around

OK guys, I missed recapping last week’s episode of The Bachelorette for family reasons, but I am all caught up and back this week. The first episode always tends to be a bit boring, so I didn’t have much to … Continue reading

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Mad Men – “Waterloo”

And I thought last week’s episode of Mad Men was good. I’ll be watching “Waterloo”, Mad Men‘s mid-season finale that aired on Sunday, again. In fact, I think I’ll be watching it again soon. It was one of those perfect … Continue reading

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Survivor – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Well, THAT was an interesting¬†Survivor finale.¬†From bad luck to bad moves, and one of the most bizarre Final Tribal Councils ever – there’s lots to talk about! Click through for my recap of the¬†Survivor: Cagayan finale.

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