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Survivor – Arts & Craftiness

Sigh. This was not the best episode of the season, was it? Whenever a player wants out of the game, energy gets sucked out of the season. Once her BFF Hali was voted out, Jenn was ready to follow in … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones – Season Five Premiere

I won’t be reviewing Game of Thrones weekly this season because, a) let’s face it, my reviews of this show have never been that great and, b) there’s so much Sunday night TV on right now, it takes me all week … Continue reading

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Mad Men – Au Revoir

Hmm. With only a handful of Mad Men episodes left, I have to say it: this week’s episode didn’t spend these precious remaining moments with people I particularly cared about. As always, no spoilers, so only click if you want to … Continue reading

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Survivor – Red, White & Blue

Welcome back to Survivor and Team Merica. Over on Team Merica, everyone is “cool, calm and collective”. Even though there is some kind of dispute over food distribution – but Rodney talks such nonsense, I never got a grasp on … Continue reading

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Mad Men – Is This All There Is?

It almost feels silly, writing about Mad Men almost 24 hours after the episode “Severance” aired, because thousands of words have already been written on the topic. I was up long past my bedtime, reading review after review, breakdown after … Continue reading

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Survivor – Mergers and Acquisitions

Jenn asks, “Is Rodney smart?” And we’re all like And Joe basically makes that face and says “What do you think?” Priceless. — Dan gets stung by a jellyfish. He tells Jenn, who instructs him to put hot water on … Continue reading

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Short Film You *Must* Watch: ‘Joe and Mary’s Kid’

Have you got fifteen minutes? Sure you do. For this, you do. This short film called Joe and Mary’s Kid is just shy of fifteen minutes, and you can watch it for FREE. Joe & Mary’s Kid from Adrian Peckitt on … Continue reading

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