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Survivor – Trust Issues

“I still trust Tony,” Trish said. She said this after returning from a Tribal Council where Tony made a big, game-changing move without consulting the majority of his “alliance”. If that didn’t break her trust, what will? The way that … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones – “Breaker of Chains”

“Well, that was a baller move.” Those are the eloquent word I uttered at the conclusion of last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. But that’s what Daenerys is – a baller and a shot caller. I loved her final scene in … Continue reading

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Mad Men – And Don’t Call Her Shirley

I really, really enjoyed last night’s episode of Mad Men. The episode had two very strong storylines that frequently overlapped – one involving Don, and another involving the ins and outs of everyday life at SCDP.

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The Amazing Race – Italia!

This week’s episode of The Amazing Race took place in the area of Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy – a destination I’m now tempted to add to my itinerary for a trip I’m planning to Italy this October However, … Continue reading

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‘Orphan Black’ is Back!

First of all, if you are not yet watching the series Orphan Black, go fix that. Right now. I’ll wait. There’s plenty of methods of finding the show. It’s a sci-fi show, and I’m not a big sci-fi fan. It’s a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the “Parenthood” Finale and Season Overall

This week, Parenthood ended its fifth season. It’s a show that I’ve always loved, even when some of the story lines are weaker than others. This season was a little topsy-turvy in that sense, but the show still remains one of … Continue reading

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On ‘Parenthood’

Guest Post written by Allison M. In a post on Salon today, Neil Drumming argues that although Parenthood “is easily one of the most moving and enjoyable dramas on television today. . . . over the course of five seasons, … Continue reading

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Survivor – Deconstruction

Wow! Has this season been filled with questionable blindside votes, or what? This cast has featured a few strong players, but I think they’re getting bamboozled by silly decisions made by loose cannons. First Kass, and now Tony.

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Mad Men – “Time Zones”

Diving into a new season of Mad Men is always exciting and a little confusing. I’m filled with questions immediately – “What year is it?” “What’s going on with Roger?” “Are they still together?” “Who’s that?” “Why did she say … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones – “Two Swords” and “The Lion and The Rose”

I couldn’t watch the Game of Thrones season premiere last week, thanks to a 3:45AM wake up call the next morning. (One of the few downsides to a business trip that took me to The Bahamas. The only other downside? … Continue reading

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