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Short Film You *Must* Watch: ‘Joe and Mary’s Kid’

Have you got fifteen minutes? Sure you do. For this, you do. This short film called Joe and Mary’s Kid is just shy of fifteen minutes, and you can watch it for FREE. Joe & Mary’s Kid from Adrian Peckitt on … Continue reading

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The Mindy Project: Season Three

The Mindy Project just completed a third season, and Fox has yet to renew it for a fourth. I really, really, REALLY hope they do. It’s my favorite sitcom currently on TV, and one of the few shows left that … Continue reading

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Survivor – Throwback Wednesday

Last week I wrote eight million words on Survivor and misogyny, so I’ll try to keep it shorter this week. After last week’s vote, Shirin was worried that she might have an annoying personality. Oh, sweetie. That’s not a Survivor problem. That’s … Continue reading

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Girls – “I can’t guarantee perfection, but I can guarantee intrigue.”

HBO’s show Girls has concluded its fourth season, after ten episodes that spanned many places – both geographically and emotionally. There was a lot going on this season, and at times I felt that the lines of the main characters – … Continue reading

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Survivor – Bro Down

This week we were treated to a Survivor double-header. Two hours of great challenges, blindsides, tribal shake-ups and… raging misogyny. Holy crap, people. Has there ever been such a group of sexist bozos? It seemed like every five minutes, someone was … Continue reading

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Togetherness – Season One

This year, HBO premiered a new half-hour drama called Togetherness, made by Mark and Jay Duplass. The first season has finished, just eight episodes long, and I thought it was fantastic. The show centers around four characters: Brett (Mark Duplass) … Continue reading

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It’s been a long, brutal winter and most of my favorite TV shows have ended or will soon end. In particular, I’m still mourning the ending of Parks and Recreation. Even though I thought the final season was fantastic, and … Continue reading

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