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American Idol – Top Ten Performance and Results

Really, Minaj? “Stuck in traffic” on your way to a live show? You had one job! Nicki Minaj was late for Idol‘s first live show on Wednesday night, and then she showed up in sunglasses and a hoodie. That said, Nicki … Continue reading

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American Idol – Boys Will Be Boys

The boys on American Idol are not strong this year, which is interesting given the trend of winners for the past several years. I was incredibly bored by this crop of Idol dudes. I hated so many of the performances … Continue reading

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American Idol – Let The Games Begin! (And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.)

Isn’t it cute how Randy says that this season of American Idol is the girls’ to lose? Adorable. I’d think he was serious if he weren’t the only judge with experience on the panel, but he knows better. White Guys … Continue reading

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American Idol – Men’s Night

All cheese, and weak sauce. That’s how I felt about Thursday night’s American Idol. On Wednesday, I finished the episode with high hopes about a few of the women. But none of the men impressed me.

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American Idol – Ladies Night

I haven’t blogged about American Idol yet this season, but I have been sporadically watching. I was turned off of the new judges panel early on, because it felt like the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj drama was manufactured. But throughout Hollywood week, … Continue reading

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American Idol Premiere – Mimi vs. Minaj

So, I rarely watch the early audition episodes of American Idol, but I make exceptions for new or guest judges. (I recall thinking that Katy Perry was very good at the gig when I watched her guest judge.) Since there’s been … Continue reading

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American Idol – Who should judge?

It was recently announced that both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will be stepping down from their roles as American Idol judges after two seasons. Ever since Simon Cowell left, the judging panel has felt like a revolving door and … Continue reading

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American Idol – And the winner is…

Well guys, the season is over and we’ve got ourselves a winner. Are you happy? Am I? Click through to find out!

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American Idol – She and Him

Well y’all, this is it. It’s either Phillip or Jessica. I either quit American Idol forever* or I have a renewed faith in the show. *I reserve the right to go back on this statement. If Phillip Phillips wins, he’ll … Continue reading

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American Idol – Three Singers, Three Songs

You know what’s kind of heartbreaking? Believing that two of the final three contestants on American Idol are completing deserving of the title, and knowing that the other guy will probably win it. I am dying for Jessica Sanchez to … Continue reading

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