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ANTM All-Stars: That’s All She Wrote

It’s official. I’m breaking up with America’s Next Top Model. I’ve been contemplating doing this for seasons cycles, thanks to Tyra’s crazy antics, disappointment over winners, and a general decreasing interest in the show. And after last night’s ANTM All-Stars … Continue reading

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ANTM All-Stars: Modelland Movies

We’re in the home stretch, guys! We began the episode talking Little Laura and how she came from a small town that had cows. Lisa talked about how Laura’s the biggest competition, yet no competition at all. I was reeeeaaallly … Continue reading

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ANTM All-Stars: Olympians

Welcome back, ANTM fans! After last week’s ridiculous salad bowl shoot, I have to say I lost interest in the show a little and didn’t get around to watching this week’s episode on my DVR until Sunday night. But watched … Continue reading

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ANTM All-Stars: It’s All Greek To Me

“This All-Star Cycle is about branding,” one of the models said on ANTM this week at the start of the episode. Sigh. Yes, and that’s why I’m so over it. Greek Speak The models all traveled to Greece this week, … Continue reading

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ANTM All-Stars: Meme Girls

Um, guys? Are people actually taking makeup tips from a toddler on the Internet? Who was that child on America’s Next Top Model this week? And most importantly, if she’s famous WHY AREN’T I? I obviously have everything it takes … Continue reading

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ANTM All-Stars: Virtual Reality

It’s time for ANTM All-Stars again, friends! And in case you didn’t know from having it shoved down your throat every other week, “branding” is the watchword this season. And what better way to extend the models’ “brands” than by … Continue reading

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ANTM All-Stars: Fight Club

Well hello there again, America’s Next Top Model viewers! Are y’all “ready for mass destruction”? Because the models sure are! The challenge this week saw the girls break up into two groups, join up with a couple of actual NFL … Continue reading

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