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Revenge, Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy (A.K.A. “Soapy Saturday”?)

There are certain shows that I save on my DVR for weekend watching, or whenever I have some time after work during the week. I don’t always blog about them, but I quite liked Revenge, Nashville and Grey’s this week … Continue reading

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Season Finales: Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville

Two of my favorite shows to watch on DVR on Saturday mornings, Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy, wrapped up their seasons recently. For Nashville it was the first season, and the mix of soap opera, great music, and Connie Britton is … Continue reading

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Checking in on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Every time I decide to write about Grey’s Anatomy, I end up typing the same phrase. “This is good, but we’ve seen it before.” And it has been good. I’ve really liked this season, and Grey’s continues to be my … Continue reading

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Quick thought on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

I haven’t loved the show this season by any means, but I actually don’t mind the new interns. Tina Majorino (Mack from Veronica Mars!), Gaius Charles (Smash Williams from Friday Night Lights!), the pretty “princess” and the one that Yang … Continue reading

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Checking in on ‘Nashville’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

As far as network nighttime soaps go, Revenge is where it’s at for me these days. But I’m still trucking along with Grey’s Anatomy and I’m enjoying Nashville a lot so far, so I thought I’d check in on how … Continue reading

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Grey’s Anatomy – Flashbacks

So, what did everyone think of Grey’s Anatomy last night? I have pretty conflicted feelings. On the one hand, I thought it was a good episode. Even though the jumping around in time confused me a bit, I thought the … Continue reading

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Grey’s Anatomy – 30 Days Later

When I talked about what TV shows I’d be watching this year, I mentioned that I was on the fence about Grey’s Anatomy. Nostalgia is a big part of why I watch the show, and I can never seen to … Continue reading

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Jill’s (Sweet, Sweet) Fantasy (Baby) Emmy Nominations

You know what would be fun? To get to vote for the Emmy nominations. After all, every year when they come out I like to make a big deal out of how my favorite shows/actors have been snubbed. So I … Continue reading

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Grey’s Anatomy – “I don’t understand how this keeps happening!”

Geez. Well THAT was something, wasn’t it? I didn’t have time to review last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but for the most part I liked the episode. In fact, I thought it seemed like the penultimate episode of the … Continue reading

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Grey’s Anatomy – Fail.

You guys, how is it possible to simultaneously love and hate an episode so much? That’s how I feel about “Let The Bad Times Roll”. We knew from the preview last week that one of the Seattle Grace docs would … Continue reading

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