Survivor – Arts & Craftiness

survivor worlds apart logoSigh. This was not the best episode of the season, was it? Whenever a player wants out of the game, energy gets sucked out of the season. Once her BFF Hali was voted out, Jenn was ready to follow in her footsteps. It made for a dreary episode.

It’s too bad, really, that Jenn stayed and Hali was voted out. I can’t help but think that if Jenn had gone home last week, Hali would still be playing this game. I hate seeing strong players eliminated while weak ones coast to the end – and I really hate that someone like Dan is in a solid alliance that could very well see him through to the end.

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Game of Thrones – Season Five Premiere

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.07.54 PMI won’t be reviewing Game of Thrones weekly this season because, a) let’s face it, my reviews of this show have never been that great and, b) there’s so much Sunday night TV on right now, it takes me all week to watch it.

I did watch Game of Thrones live on Sunday night, mostly because my husband loves it and neither of us were in much of a rush to watch The Good Wife. (I have not been feeling that show lately.) I really liked the episode, and I was pleasantly surprised to be able to follow the entire storyline. I was sure I’d have forgotten entire characters and plot developments.

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Mad Men – Au Revoir

Hmm. With only a handful of Mad Men episodes left, I have to say it: this week’s episode didn’t spend these precious remaining moments with people I particularly cared about.


As always, no spoilers, so only click if you want to read about the episode “New Business”.

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Survivor – Red, White & Blue

Welcome back to Survivor and Team Merica. Over on Team Merica, everyone is “cool, calm and collective”. Even though there is some kind of dispute over food distribution – but Rodney talks such nonsense, I never got a grasp on what that dispute was.

Everyone was in a tizzy after Jenn played her Idol to stay in the game, but the No Collars and their Honorary Member Shirin would need to swing a couple more votes back their way if they wanted to change the game. Or, they’d need to find another Hidden Immunity Idol.

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Mad Men – Is This All There Is?

It almost feels silly, writing about Mad Men almost 24 hours after the episode “Severance” aired, because thousands of words have already been written on the topic. I was up long past my bedtime, reading review after review, breakdown after breakdown, of last night’s episode immediately after it had aired.

And yet. Here I am.

I love Mad Men. I know I say that about a lot of shows – Breaking Bad, Orphan Black, and Parenthood are all shows that I’ve declared my love for, probably even used the word “favorite”. Just like “best friend”, favorite is a tier not an individual. So Mad Men is in the “favorite show” tier. I will miss it when it’s gone, and I plan to savor these final seven episodes.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so click through only if you’ve watched the episode.

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Survivor – Mergers and Acquisitions

survivor worlds apart logoJenn asks, “Is Rodney smart?”

And we’re all like

giphy eye rollAnd Joe basically makes that face and says “What do you think?”


Dan gets stung by a jellyfish. He tells Jenn, who instructs him to put hot water on it. “I peed on it.” Jenn tells him that doesn’t work, that he needs hot water on it right away. Dan basically says “Whatever”. (I’m paraphrasing.)

Dan tells Shirin he got stung by a jellyfish. She says “Do you want me to pee on it?” He says “I already did and besides, hot water is better.”



OK! This week on Survivor, the tribes merged. It seemed a little early, but it was down to twelve players. A merge now made the earlier tribe swap seem a bit silly – I wish the producers had let the “Collar” tribes run its course right up until the merge.

The new tribe is called “Merica”. Not “America”. Not an ironic ‘Murica. Merica. Mike is not in on the ‘Murica joke. He’s so far from it that Sarah Palin can probably see it from her house. Sigh. I felt for Shirin when she said she was embarrassed to belong to a tribe with the WORST name in Survivor history. It really is a new low.

muricaThe tribes merged, which meant everyone was scrambling to figure out their alliances. There were five Blue Collars, four No Collars, and three White Collars. Obviously, the White Collars were all swing votes. But people like Sierra, Rodney and, surprisingly, Will, were also up in the air. But there was one thing that the Blue Collars and White Collars could agree on: Joe needed to be voted out.

Joe’s a big threat, and he’ll have a major target on his back for the rest of the game. He’s not just strong in challenges, he’s smart and likable as well. A triple threat.

mergeThe Immunity Challenge this week was an endurance test, which was perfect for Joe. He knew he was in danger, and that knowledge always gives players the motivation to dig deep and keep going. The players had to hug a pole, with only a few narrow slits for their hands and feet.

Dan lasted mere seconds, and Will was right behind him. Rodney asked Carolyn “You got this?” before dropping out, which seemed like a moronic move because it revealed their alliance to everyone.

The final four in the challenge were Joe, Jenn, Hali and Carolyn. They all fought hard, but I was particularly impressed by Jenn and Carolyn. Carolyn, because she’s significantly older than her competitors. Jenn, because she got stung by a bee on her inner thigh during the challenge and KEPT GOING. That’s tough.

Eventually, Joe won. He’s a strong dude and he needed this win, so I wasn’t surprised. His safety meant the Blue Collars had to target one of his alliance-mates, and they settled on Jenn. The No Collars decided to vote for Kelly – a good move, since she’s probably the smartest Blue Collar.

Shirin couldn’t really be considered a swing vote, because she was in pretty deep with the No Collars. And Carolyn, she seemed pretty tight with the Blue Collars. So, things were really in the hands of Tyler. He would either vote Jenn with Carolyn and the Blues, or he’d convince her to join him and the No Collars in voting out Kelly.

I’ll cut to the chase – they all voted Jenn, but she suspected she was in trouble and played her Hidden Immunity Idol. It was a great move, and they were all blindsided. I just wish she and Hali had kept their emotions a little more in check. You can’t gloat too much, or these people won’t want to hand you a million bucks later.

Here’s the thing, though. I think Tyler and Carolyn made the wrong choice. And I don’t think Will should have betrayed his tribe (he voted Hali, as he’d been instructed to by Mike).

In going with the Blue Collars, Tyler, Carolyn and Will now find themselves at the bottom of a very large totem pole. They’re the worst three in a group of eight. If they’d gone with the No Collars, they would have been in an alliance of seven, and there would be a lot more wiggle room. Joe is a threat, and the girls may want to turn on him eventually. In fact, there probably would have been an opportunity for Shirin, Carolyn, Tyler and Will to work together to take out the power trio when the time was right. There are cracks in the Blue Collar alliance too, but I think it will be harder for them to make inroads there.

What do you guys think? Did they make the right choice?

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Short Film You *Must* Watch: ‘Joe and Mary’s Kid’

Joe and Mary's Kid - short film by Dan Rosen

Have you got fifteen minutes?

Sure you do. For this, you do. This short film called Joe and Mary’s Kid is just shy of fifteen minutes, and you can watch it for FREE.

Joe & Mary’s Kid from Adrian Peckitt on Vimeo.

Wasn’t it great? It was written and directed by a college friend of mine, Dan Rosen. The guy is crazy talented, and my one true shot at one day being able to say that I’m friends with someone who’s famous. (Don’t worry, I have not stayed in touch with him just because I think he’ll win an Oscar one day. Dan’s a great, funny guy and always has the perfect movie or TV series recommendation for me.)

Back when Dan was making this short film, I tossed in a few bucks via Indie Go Go to help make Izak the robot as cool as possible. I can’t believe how wonderful it turned out!

What I love about this story is how much goes unspoken. In such a short amount of time, and with little dialogue, I feel like the audience really sees Joe and Mary’s relationships. Marley Hamilton, who plays Mary, has such a beautiful and expressive face. Geraint Hill, who plays Joe, is wonderful at conveying hopefulness and hopelessness at the same time. He shows so much love for his new robot child, but it’s too desperate. He is sweet and sad at the same time.

My favorite scene in the film is when Izak falls on his pet, “Affectionate Dog”, and kills him. Joe immediately rushes to Izak, hastily tinkering away to find out what’s wrong with his robot son. Mary rushes to the dog, checking for life. Even though Mary wanted to support Joe, she still placed more importance on the living, breathing pet than the son Joe had made of metal and wires. That scene said more than any conversation could have, and it was so well done.

I hope you enjoyed the film! I’m looking forward to seeing what Dan Rosen does next.

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